Launch and land your favorite rockets in Augmented Reality from your courtyard!
Perform rocket engine test fires directly on your table.

You can choose between many different rocket prototypes and real spacecrafts.
Here are a few of them: the beloved StarHopper, the giant Starship MK1, and the hover test of the Dragon 2. Watch the Crew Dragon Demo Mission 2 leave the launch pad and the Falcon 9 first stage land back! Enjoy the Buran Orbiter and Energia Rocket conquer the sky, and many more spacecrafts to come!

Not only rockets: enjoy the Perseverance Landing and the Sky-Crane maneuver in the "Last Minute of Terror" of the Entry Descend and Landing sequence. Fire a Raptor engine on your desk at home!

Select between Indoor and Outdoor mode depending on where you are and the scale of the Rocket you want to launch.

Apply filters to mimic the colors of your favorite planet and change the environmental conditions choosing among many different options: Rain, Thunderstorm, Snow and more

Take a picture or record your best launch, share them with your friends with the #HoppAR hashtag and get into the Rocket Launcher's Social Wall

Auto-renewable Subscription:
Support app Development and new Rockets Addition (renewed on an annual basis)
You get all mission unlocked with no limits for the time the subscription is active

Non-Consumable Purchase:
Instead of subscribing you might buy a single mission that will be unlocked with no time limit

Let's HoppAR!

(Disclaimer: This is app is not affiliated with any space company or its partners or customers)


Versione 1.1.6

- Added Perseverance landing mission
- Better recording experience
- Added mission Pause/Resume
- Added a preview image for downloadable missions
- Bug fixes and performances: restored shadows and audio in recordings

Valutazioni e recensioni

4.8 su 5
138 valutazioni

138 valutazioni

jobmich ,

Great App!

the only feedback I have is maybe giving the user the opportunity to operate the rocket and also make the game have a non AR mode. The actual models youve made of the rocket are amazing but it’s difficult to play at like 3am to say. Great game overall and goodjob.

Risposta dello sviluppatore ,

Thank you, we will consider both of your suggestions. 
Rocket control during a hop is one of our near future milestone!

the gamerserer ,


I turn my phone slightly to launch from my computer monitor it is so satisfying and cool!

Warm Boy ,


Launching falcon 9’s and starships from my coffee table was quite entertaining for me and my kids. 👍

Risposta dello sviluppatore ,

Great to hear that!

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