Hoppa över fallgropar, sylvassa spikar och fallande block. Blocka flygande eldbollar, fiendeattacker och yx-gungor. Slå upp dörrar till hemliga rum fyllda med lava och roffa åt dig dom gyllene mynten.

Sir Hoppenhelm är vilse nere i fängelsehålan på sitt slott Dunkelburg och måste hoppa, blocka och kämpa sig tillbaka till säkerhet innan den stigande lavan når honom. Samla skinande mynt och använd dom till att låsa upp nya karaktärer eller utöka din vapenarsenal med nya tuffa vapen.

Hoppenhelm är också:
• Klassisk arkad-action
• Kontroller anpassade för spel med en hand
• Randomiserade banor med ökande svårighetsgrad
• Utmanande spelmekanik
• Upplåsbara karaktärer och vapen
• Highscore-listor
• Tjusig grafik och smaskiga animationer
• Fräck chiptune-musik
• Möjlighet att köpa bort reklamen i spelet
• Gjord med kärlek :D

Tack för att du spelar <3


Version 1.9.2

Bug fixes
- Sometimes locked weapons would cost 0 coins, that is now fixed
- Watching ads for money on the weapon selection screen is now fixed
- Improved the jump button for a more smooth jumping experience
- TNT block fix

Betyg och recensioner

4.6 av 5
685 betyg

685 betyg

Atherises ,

I love this game!

Definitely worth playing! The controls are slide over to press making it easy to push multiple quickly with one hand. There are a few things to discover as well! For instance, the double jump! Surprisingly high skill cap and addicting gameplay. There are a few glitches but you don't run into them until 800+ points. I'm not sure how to contact developer if he intends to improve the Game, so I will list glitches here. Past 800 ish points the game slows down. As you progress further it continues to slow more, but speeds up temporarily inside doors. At any point if you are standing on a doorway, hit it, then instantly jump forward to avoid entering, all buttons stop working until death. Deep in when the game is slowed, sometimes all hits are critical hits, unless hitting while jumping. That is what I have noticed so far! Such an amazing ADD game!

Edit: all hits are critical hits on first round after opening the app. Tested with multiple charactor and swords.

Svar från utvecklaren ,

Hi! Thank you for bringing this to my attention, I'm working on an update that hopefully will fix these issues.

FedExterminator ,

Fantastic Game!

I always enjoy games with the simple to learn, hard to master gameplay. I can spend hours with this game, and it’s definitely worth a download. I look forward to seeing future updates with new features!

A note for the developer: I found a bug.
This bug allows you to play any character even though they have not been unlocked. First, select an unlocked character from the character selection screen, then navigate to the weapon selection screen. Start the game from the weapon selection screen, and the game will start as whatever character was selected, even if they have not been unlocked.

Bighebnn ,

Great game in need of content

I usually don’t write reviews for apps but I really wanted to give my opinion of this one. As stated in the title of this review, Hoppenhelm is great. It’s a simple yet addictive infinite runner where you play as a knight trying to stay alive by fighting enemies, avoiding deadly traps, and collecting coins. You’ll have to be quick though, as a pink liquid is constantly rising which kills on contact. One of the things I love most about the game is how simple the controls are. You have 3 buttons; for one is to attack, one is to jump, and one to block. The buttons are large so you can easily reach them with one thumb.

My only problem I have with the game is its lack of content. There are 9 knights, all with their own special ability including things like having an extra heart, higher chance of treasure chests, etc. There are also different weapons as well, though they all have they all have the same ability. The problem is that they’re all fad too easy to unlock. You can unlock everything in about 2 hrs. After that the only reason to play the game is trying to get your name on the leaderboards.

Overall, Hoppenhelm is a really fun game that’s a great time killer. It’s just too bad there’s a dearth of content. Hopefully more content is coming soon because I’ve had a great time with this game.

P.S. There are ads in the game and you can disable them for $1.99. But I don’t think it’s really worth it because they aren’t frequent.

Svar från utvecklaren ,

Hi! Thank you for your honest review :)
And thank you for playing!


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