Hunt Cook: Catch and Serve‪!‬ 12+



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Rabbits, Ravens and Boars?!
Who knew they could all make such tasty meals?!

Wow your customers with rare dishes
and build your own trendy eatery!

Hunt your own ingredients and use them for
a creative menu to make Café HuntCook flourish!

● How to play HuntCook ●
- Venture into nature to hunt wild game!!
- Use ingredients you collect in your cooking!!
- Satisfy your customers by filling their orders!!
- Upgrade your skills and grow your restaurant!!

SELET BUTTON proudly presents the follow up to the
6,000,000 times downloaded hit “Survive! Mola Mola”:
Recommended for gamers who enjoy cute and lively
farm or restaurant simulations!

- Wild game requires special handling and preparation in order to be eaten safely and without risk of communicating disease. Please be aware before attempting to actually eat wild meats in real life!
- Real hunting is not a game, but a potentially dangerous skill that requires training and knowledge. If you are interested in learning to hunt, please contact your local hunter’s organization for more information.


バージョン 2.9.0

- Fix small bugs.




Just Another Rating Dude

Incredible and adorable!

This game keeps me coming back very few minutes, gems are easy to acquire and ingredients overflowing! Never had any problems with this game. I also love when Old Man Veggie gives you a bunch of ingredients that are several levels more than you are. Sometimes he gives you a energy drink when you meet him, I ended up getting two in a row. I just wish that the time to rest was not so high and the amount of hunts you can do is only three at a time. Maybe if when you level up three times you have your hunt limit increase by one? That would keep people from not playing.


Love the games but the ads…

I love this game so so much. I play it even though I’ve finished the storyline. I’ve completed all the challenges. I’ve bought all the outfits. I’m almost done maxing out all my equipment and traps. However something that stops this from being a complete 5* experience is the sheer quantity of sneaky ads. I noticed a while ago that the game would have my phone run crazy hot and my battery quickly drain. When I have my volume up I can actually hear ads play without being able to see them. I play this game in airplane mode now because this problem is so annoying. It’s incredibly frustrating because I do watch their ads on my own for gems and etc but the fact that I’m forced to deal with this underhanded way really disrupts the experience.

Bynnie Bunny

Cute and addictive

This game is insanely cute and offers a lot of entertainment. The story and characters are charming. I personally don't mind the ads, and I've been able to play up through the last level without having to buy any in-game currency. I seem to have a lot of patience with this game because some of the cooking times on the recipes are over 12 hours long. Not a game for the impatient. I like to open it periodically through the day, and that alone got me pretty far. I give it 4 stars because it's a little buggy. It freezes sometimes if I leave the app and come back to it. Otherwise, it's probably my favorite mobile game at the moment. Would like an update soon.


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