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Play now "i Live"! Give a soul your device. Grow your virtual baby as in real life and live a unique and exciting experience.

"I Live" is a management life simulator that has special features, it is based on real actions performed by parents every day, feeding it milk, rocking it to sleep, using objects and toys to make it happy when it cries.

The time is real and is linked to the of your device, you will be able to enjoy day, afternoon and night. The environment influences your child's behavior and you can turn on the light in his/her room, decorate it and much more.

Each game is designed as if it were real, for example by shaking your device you will shake a rattle, or through the motion sensors you can walk with many different strollers in the park or in the city. Play now "i Live"!

Other features!

- Bring your baby into the world and bring him up like a real child. Breastfeed him, follow him and watch him growing
- He needs love, if you don’t follow him, he won’t love you. Give him all love you can and he will love you too!
- Follow his growht phases from his born. Watch his body and conduct changes!
- Play with him and became the best parent ever! Challenge your friend and rise in Leaderboard!
- He Lives night and day waiting for your return!

Complete the daily goals...
- Every day there are new goals to complete to get virtual coins and buy lots of games and clothes for your baby and make him happy.
- Earn parent points for each completed goal and climb the overall ranking to become the best parent in the world!
- take care of your baby by completing all the objectives and you will see that you will receive his affection!

And much more
Much more! clothes, games and gadget. Make your baby happy for a real experience!
- The graphics are so realistic among the most cared of category! "

- The child grows increasing more and more involvement and fun!

- The game currently reaches the age of the child in 3 months.

- The my baby Grow as in real life and live a unique and exciting experience.

- The my puppy talks and repeats like a real baby!

- The music and the effects make the atmosphere at play unique, changing and adapting to the time of day
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As per company policy, the game does not contain annoying advertisements. Only purchases in the app that can be optional and disabled from your device.
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Available languages: English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Portoguese (Brazil), Indonesian, Russian, Polski, Japanese, Korean,


Versione 2.12.10

New update available!
- Reduced the disk space occupied on the device
- Fixed a bug on the deformations of the children!
- Icons restyling!
- New clothes on the store!
- Improved overall performance again!
- Bug Fix!

Valutazioni e recensioni

4,0 su 5
2.713 valutazioni

2.713 valutazioni

Adira N ,

Cute but limited

This is a very cute game with a lot of good ideas but also some missed opportunities. First of all this is the best virtual baby app I have found. The graphics are pretty good, and I love how the baby grows, all the different clothes, teaching it to walk is really cute. He even gets sick sometimes or wants his binky. But there is so much more they could do. You should be able to interact with the baby with the toys. Like actually play together with the toys and see his little face and different reactions. It would be cool to build with blocks together or hammer pegs together etc. The way it is now you just watch him go to a toy and he automatically interacts with it and you can’t even see his face. The angle overall could be better for seeing his face. You should be able to have more than one baby, like a baby and a toddler or a toddler, preschooler, and baby, or twins, triplets etc. There could be more activities...cleaning up baby’s messes, going to the store, getting a pet, going to daycare, going for a drive, etc. But overall I really enjoy this app and hope the developers keep expanding it and improving the graphics because this is a really good idea.

LaLa1974KY ,

So life like **Revised** turn my talking back on please!!!

I love love love this game. Only a few hang ups but all in all great! I’m so sad you won’t let me talk to her any more I mean yea give gold member perks but she should be able to hear my voice at least a few times a day. At first you let me and now nothing not fair!! So life like I feel bad not having her on screen 24/7 lol. Only problems I’ve had are I haven’t been able to change her diaper, I check and check always clean and that’s a task that fails me every day. On the other tasks I do and still fail are the decorating ones I decorated the shelf still failed me the wall was decorated too still failed me I’ve taking things down and redecorated several times still going to fail idk. Help please. Wish there were other ways like selling items you don’t want to get money to buy other things, wish there was a help index too yes there are help videos and the doctor tips, but like the diaper change glitch sometimes it’s not because your not doing the right process. Hope this help the developers and others playing sometimes it’s not you just a glitch. Happy gaming! I have to add on something that is frustrating tasks that you need to do with a message “gold members only” well how do you become a gold member. I’m going to fail theses tasks because I’m not allowed to do it and I don’t even know how to become a “gold member” ugh!!!

Allie846 ,

It’s a great game

I have had this game for a year now and it’s really fun. The first few days I had it, it was kind of boring because you just have a newborn and all you do is feed it, bathe it, and change it. But they grow up really fast and it becomes way more fun to interact with them. I love when they have birthdays and when they get their first steps. When they first turn 1 is when it gets really fun. The graphics are amazing. I have a few suggestions for future updates. I would like it if we could have more than 1 kid at a time. It would give us a little challenge taking care of multiple kids. I would also like it we could have twins or triplets. Like the game just surprises you with them. That would be really fun. I would also maybe like more rooms in the house, like a kitchen and maybe a living room. Just a lot more interactions would be amazing. Maybe adding a school, other buildings. I think a lot more people would play if you added more buildings and places. It would make it more realistic. Maybe adding a park that your kid could play at. There are so many possibilities. I hope these suggestions were good and hope you use some of them. I would play the game so so much if you added the stuff I said. Overall, great game. Love it so much. I really recommend it!!

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