Having trouble lying is a real thing, and not many people are willing to admit that. It is a way of life for many people, but some do not understand how much of an impact that being a liar has on your life. Liars can really mess up their life by continuing a cycle of nonstop lies. You will become untrustworthy and unreliable if you don’t learn how to stop lying.

Stop Lying Calendar addresses the need to quit lying, and helps you become accountable for making the changes happen!

1. 40 Motivational quotes that will help you overcome your bad lying habits.
2. 10 Science based facts about lying, liars, and reasons to recognize your issues as a person who lies.
3. Daily ticker that keeps you motivated to succeed.
4. Add reasons why you would like to see yourself succeed.
5. Our special panic button will help take your mind off lying by showing you pictures of puppies.
6. Our badge system allows you to be rewarded for your success.

Here are our top 10 reasons to stop lying now:

1. The truth will set you free

When you stop lying, you have nothing to hide from anymore. The only reason to lie is to hide certain areas of your life that you do not want others to know about. Once your cards are all on the table, you don’t have to hide anything from anyone and you will feel a lot better about yourself.

2. Regain trust that you once broke

When you get caught lying, even once, you show the person you lied to that not only are you capable of lying, but you will probably do it again. It takes a while to build back up trust, but you can win back the hearts of those you wronged

3. Lying brings stress into your life

You are always worrying about if the truth will come out, or trying to remember a lie that you told so you can continue the charade. Just spill the beans, let it be known that you have lied, and move on with your life. If you lose a friend or 2 along the way, that is ok.

4. Stop conflicting with yourself

Lying has a steamroller affect. Once you tell a lie, you’re more than likely going to have to lie again to cover it up. This will keep you in a constant state of being conflicted. You will always be covering something up.

5. Lying is a sign of a bigger problem

People who lie habitually will tend to have more psychological issues, and may need to seek professional help. The constant cycles of lying and attention seeking can become addictive.

6. Your accomplishments seem less interesting to yourself

When you are always lying, you are tricking yourself into believing your lies are real. Certain accomplishments in life will seem less interesting than that time you went to Mars with Richard Branson for a day trip.

7. You are not solving any problems for yourself by lying

Lying simply delays the inevitable which is the truth. The truth always comes out, even if you wait until your death bed. Why live your life with that burden? Just tell the truth so you don’t have to carry that around your whole life.

8. Your immune system will increase when you stop lying

Emotional stress caused by lying also has physical side effects! Happy thoughts will produce endorphins that make you feel better. Ever heard the saying “laughter is the best medicine”? Laughter produces endorphins which repair your immune system

9. Get a better night sleep

Going back to many things said in this list, it is no surprise that you will get a better night sleep if you stop lying. Being a liar brings stress into your life which is not good for sleep. Lack of endorphins will drain you physically, but your brain will constantly be thinking about lies.

10. You will decrease your cancer risk

Physical stress and emotional stress are not a direct cause of cancer, but the state that both of these put your body in definitely do not help with the environment. Lying is not a healthy practice. Get the help you deserve.

Lying is not good for anyone. Curb back the lies and get help now by downloading the Stop Lying Calendar for FREE!

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