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eLLC System uses the world’s scientifically proven most successful method of Native Learning.


1. Practice pronouncing words and reading stories aloud with eLLC Speaking, the world’s best speech recognition technology.

2.Study your grammar and vocabulary with eLLC Language learning method. Learn to speak words, followed by phrases, and how to start conversations.

3. Practice your language skills offline by downloading all your lessons in your language of choice. Learn Spanish, English, French, German, or any of our other languages.

There have been developed many methods in the world in order to increase the learning speed and give more information to a student. It is important to address the human senses in to achieve the learning. eLLC System appeals to both - eye and the ear senses - in order to get the highest results in education.
From the day we’ve been born we learn our mother tongue so that all the words and phrases are supported by voice and picture. This activation of both hemispheres of the brain offers more efficient training facilities


Sürüm 3.3.2

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minor bugs fixed

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38 Oy

38 Oy

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