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With the concept of “play,” “learn,” and “use,” this app provides basic knowledge on disaster prevention which can be taken in while playing on the app, as well as content useful during a disaster.
This app also allows you to select the menus to your liking, with access to useful disaster preparedness information including content from the disaster prevention booklets "Disaster Preparedness Tokyo" and "Tokyo Disaster Readiness Guide."

【Major Features】*You can add and remove display information from the app.

●Browse and search the Disaster Preparedness book "Disaster Preparedness Tokyo" and "Disaster Readiness Guide"
Browse “Disaster Preparedness Tokyo” and “Tokyo Disaster Readiness Guide”, and easily search for the information you want. Can also be accessed offline.

●"Bosai the Rhino's House"
"Bosai the Rhino's House" resembles the disaster preparedness. The more you use the application and learn about disaster preparedness, you will collect disaster preparedness items while having fun.

Through quizzes of different genres, you can take in facts on disaster prevention while having fun.

Learn about what actions to take in emergency through mock scenario. There is also a “Disaster Preparedness Simulation for Children” for elementary school students.

Check your food stockpiles and home preparations. Memos and expiry dates can be entered for each item.

●Disaster Preparedness map
Includes a range of disaster prevention facilities and support stations for those unable to return home at time of disaster, and functions to assist navigation to the destination. Evacuation Site Mode shows the evacuation sites in the district for a selected location as well as the designated fireproof areas in a district. In addition, the offline map function lets you check maps even when not connected to the internet if you download the necessary municipality maps in advance.
The app also includes area danger level maps, which provide prioritized danger levels for the current or user-selected location, as well as flood damage risk maps, which visually depict the estimated inundation areas and sediment disaster warning zones of the selected location.
In addition,the My Route function-which creates an evacuation route tailored to your needs for the event of a large-scale disaster - allows you to check your route even when offline by registering a route in advance and downloading offline maps.

●Emergency alarm
When tapping, an alarm will sound, location-based information will be sent to friends and family members registered before-hand. This functionality is available for both emergency and non-emergency situations.

●Latest disaster information
You can check for Evacuation, Weather, Earthquake, Tsunami, and Volcano information in the Tokyo Metropolitan area, as well as, the area registered by yourself.

●Raincloud radar
Check the movement of rainclouds and tropical cyclone information.

●Safety confirmation
Assist with safety confirmation of friends and family members, through cross-sectional information search using various kinds of services.

●Collection of multi-lingual phrases(Help Card)
A collection of phrases used when requesting for help during an emergency are posted in multiple languages (English, Chinese, and Korean).

●"Disaster Preparedness Tokyo" Twitter
In addition to linkage with "Disaster Preparedness Tokyo" Twitter, important tweets will be push notified. Even in the event of an emergency, you will be able to catch the latest update from Tokyo Metropolitan Government without missing out.

●Tokyo Disaster Preparedness Website
Also has links to useful information in the event of storm and flood damage and municipal disaster preparedness pages. Find all the information you need in one place, with links to municipality official websites, disaster preparedness websites, social media, and apps.

●Tokyo My Timeline
Organize appropriate evacuation behavior personalized to your environment in chronological order.


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