Made by electrical engineers and hobbyists for electrical engineers and hobbyists, Electronics Tools provides solutions to a wide range of circuit calculations. From the basics (Ohm’s Law) to the more complex (8th order active filters), Electronics Tools has you covered with a clean and straight forward interface that provides the information you need.

For instance, suppose you wanted to find the values needed for a simple second order active filter. Entering just the frequency finds the optimum resistor and capacitor values in five tolerance bands and gives you the minimum and maximum corner frequencies for each tolerance. Optionally, you can enter additional values, such as the resistor value, and the remaining values will be calculated. Every calculation provides the information that you need to know when working with your circuits.

On smaller screens such as an iPhone, the calculation results can be fully displayed by tapping the “Show” button. The display can also be split showing the data entry area and its schematic along with a scrolling partial view of the results.

Electronics Tools includes calculators for:

Basic Calculations
   Capacitance reactance
   dB - Voltage
   dB - Power
   Inductance reactance
   LC resonance
   LED series resistor
   Ohm's Law
   Other Multipliers
   Parallel and series capacitor value
   Parallel and series inductor value
   Parallel and series resistor value
   Phase-delta t
   RMS-peak-peak to peak

   FET cheat sheet (Reference)
   Resistor Color Code Decoder
   Resistor Color Codes Article (Article)
   Resistor Value Check
   Resistor Value to Color Code
   SMD resitor marking to and from value
   Standard resistance values (Reference)


   Dual Supply
   Pot with Resistor Dual Supply
   Pot with Resistor Ratio
   Pot with Resistor Single Supply
   Resistor Ratio
   Single Supply

   2nd Order bandpass
   2nd Order bandpass Biquad
   2nd Order highpass
   2nd Order lowpass
   4th Order highpass
   4th Order lowpass
   6th Order highpass
   6th Order lowpass
   8th Order highpass
   8th Order lowpass
   Filter Types (Article)
   Highpass RC & RL Amplitude and Phase
   Lowpass RC & RL Amplitude and Phase
   Passive RC
   Passive RL
   Power Supply ripple (Full Wave)
   Power Supply ripple (Half Wave)

   Basic Gates (Reference)
   Flip Flop (Reference)
   Interfacing Different Logic Families (Article)

   Differential Amplifier
   Inverting Amplifier
   Non-inverting Amplifier
   Op-amp basics (Article)
   Op-amp errors (Article)
   Transimpedance Amplifier (Article)

   555 astable (free running)
   555 monostable (one shot)
   Logic Gate Oscillator
   Sine and Cosine Oscillator

Other References
   ANSI clearance and tap
   Drill Table
   Wire Table

Voltage Regulators
   LM317 - LM338

Circuit Snippets
   Adder Subtractor
   Capacitance Multiplier
   Constant Current Source
   Crystal Oscillator
   Op-amp Bridge Drive
   Parallel Op-amps
   Parallel Transistors
   Summing Amplifier
   Voltage to Current

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5.0 out of 5
1 Rating

1 Rating

designerprotb ,

Perfect for pros

Just what I needed, and even better now that I can use it in my phone. The Mac OS app was great, but my work pc is windows. The solvers are perfect for a wide variety of tasks. Thanks for the very useful tool!


John Miskimins
40.5 MB

Requires iOS 11.4 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



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