Idle Defense: Dark Forest 4+

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「Story of the Game」
Because of a major mistake, the intern wizard burned down half of the wizard school. Nobody can forgive this huge error. He was banished from school and returned home.
Misfortunes never come singly. The amethyst of ancestral seal was smashed into pieces, and the monsters come swarming from seal stone. The whole world descended into chaos.
His father left him alone with only one copy named “Turret Engineering. “Aren’t the papers for my tears? “, he thought.
Although he burned the school by accident, he is so confident of his spell. For protecting the muggles of village, for saving his lovely home and for maintaining the peace of the world, he stands up and starts to deploy the defense of dark forest.

「Game Features」
◆ 10+ Types of towers with different functions: Arrow, Magic, Stone, Poison, and so on.
◆ Upgrade and evolve towers: level up to gain great power.
◆ Use elemental skills to hit the monsters: Lightning, Frost Freeze, Breeze Wind and so on.
◆ Research system to improve tower power: more than 10+ researches.
◆ Summon ancient demons to help you: now 16 demons and more in the future!
◆ Resurrection and get more resources: you will never be defeated!
◆ Well-designed task system: easy to get many resources.

Game facebook:
Idle Defense 2 is coming, follow us to get the latest info.


版本 1.1.31

fix some bugs.


4.6(满分 5 分)
2,504 个评分

2,504 个评分


Rare Demon shards ad stopped working

The game is good. I have noticed that the rare demon shards ad won’t let me select it even though it has the red exclamation point. It also says that it is ready. Is there a way togix the error without resetting progress? I will attempt a resurrection and if that fixes the error I will modify my review with the fact
Resdurection did not work. Rare summon is stillgreyed even though it is available according to the red circle and lack of a timer. I would show a screenshot but reviews do not allow such things, if you reply with an email I can email you a screenshot of the glitch further edut. Now normal summon is grayed out too without a timer. It appears the problem is caused when exiting the app on the summon screen. It happened with rare when I tried to exit an ad and was brought to the App Store. Please reply with an email so I may show you what is happening

Further edit. It is fixed. It appears I just had to wait a day. The game is good


New Update is screwed!!

First off, I liked this game. I spent $10 for the VIP and another $10 on demon packs. (This game is not fully idle, by the way. It is a tower/lane defense game). It is quite ad heavy, (and I mean HEAVY even for a free game. Ads for gold, diamonds, demons, just for playing longer than seemingly one minute, each time you beat a level, and boosts) but I did not mind because I was enjoying myself. Then came this latest update. It made the grind even harder, changed the flow of the game completely, and essentially made anything anybody did in the past worthless. Your cool demons you spent money on or lucky enough to get in free summons? GONE! Earn them again with RNG that is almost guaranteed to screw you over! Also, it was supposed to fix some bugs. Fixed the bugs, huh? LIARS! Give me back my diamonds and demons! DO NOT SPEND ANY MONEY IN THIS GAME!! Not only am I not able to watch the ads for the free demons, I cannot summon any either because you took my DIAMONDS!! OH AND NOW ALL OF MY PROGRESS IS GONE!!!

**Update**: I was given some compensation, though it did not put me back where I was and still lost my VIP status. Therefore, the rating will be updated.


Hi Defender, we’re deeply sorry for all the inconvenience! Could you kindly contact us via FB? We’ll compensate every player who encountered this problem within 48 hours. Again apologize for the unpleasant gaming experience we brought.

Lynden Sylvester

Great game, but it has a few issues.

While I really like the game with the merge tower concept and lvl based waves, there is an issue that happens at least once or more when I play every day. The issue revolves around the levels and progression within the levels. Every now and then, during a lvl, either early on in the waves or right in the transition from the last wave before the lvl boss to the boss, the game will boot me out. This results in having to start the level over and gets pretty annoying, especially since the issue will scale in frequency as lvls get larger and waves get longer. Please fix this bug. Another issue I have with the game is that there’s no tower tree anywhere online showing which towers lead to the next ones. I understand they are supposed to be figured out as you go, but having a reference tool would be nice. A simple Wiki page showing the progression in a picture would be simple enough with tier and fuse lvls as well.


Thanks for your feedback, we will check this. Pls contact our facebook to the more guest service.

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