iDoraReco 4+

Team Liveit


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* Simple and easy to operate.
* Due to the nature of usage, it is not suitable for iPad or large iPhone.
* It is an application that records the image in front of the car and leaves the recorded image so that it can be used as reference for evidence in the event of an accident.
* The set number of seconds will be recorded continuously after the collision is detected.
* Please turn off the automatic screen lock.
* Please prepare a suitable platform separately.
* It is an application that leaves only reference images.
* It is necessary to set the camera of the terminal to show the front.
* Install the terminal in a place where it does not interfere with the driver's view or the airbag.
* Please fix the installation firmly. It may cause malfunction if it is loose.
* Please do not stare at the screen or operate while driving.
* We cannot guarantee any event that occurs using the application.
* If the response is too good depending on the installation method, try setting SENSIVITY to LOW.
* You do not have to be connected to the internet. (Except during app purchase processing)
* Don't forget to take your iPhone with you when you leave the car.
* The trial period is about one month.
* When you purchase the application, the usage period is no longer limited.
* The maximum value of shaking during driving is displayed.
This will allow you to see if your driving this time was gentle.(The smaller the number, the gentler the driving.)
* The button turns orange while the recorded file is saved in the camera roll.


バージョン 3.14

* The sensitivity of the main unit can be set by G (gravitational acceleration).


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The developer does not collect any data from this app.