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iFonebox, a newly released app, is a great PC software helper to recover lost or deleted data from your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.
Our app is specially designed to be the auxilliary part of the PC data recovery software, iFonebox, that helps you to recover lost messages, notes, contacts, etc, and back up iPhone data when you search for the solution on your iPhone. Most customers said that this recovery tool is the lifesaver to them.

What can iFonebox do for you?
>iPhone Data Recovery
>iPhone Data Backup
>Network Detection
>WiFi Detection
>Privacy Album (newly support adding videos)
>Hardware Information
>Set Recovery & Backup Reminder
....... and much more

How does iFonebox work?
First, download the app iFonebox for iPhone,
Then, choose Data Recovery,
Follow the instructions to do operations on your computer, install the computer software,
Finally, launch the computer software and recover the data you need.

Note: Due to the urgency of data recovery, once you lost the data in your iPhone, and there is no computer by your side, we highly recommend you to turn on Airplane Mode and power off your iPhone. These steps could avoid the lost data being overwritten before you recover them. And you could set data recovery reminder to remind you get lost data when you are ready.

It is necessary to download the recovery and backup software in your computer to finish the recovery and backup. The computer software could allow you to preview your lost data in the interface and backup data. Finally, recovery success varies with loss circumstances and device condition--there are no 100% guarantees in theory--but we go above and beyond.

Please feel free to contact ifonebox@auntec.com if you have any question or need any help. Your suggestions that help us improve our App would be appreciated very much.


版本 1.1.4

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

1. Supported to import videos to Privacy Album
2. Upgraded the encryption algorithm
3. Fixed some known bugs


2.6(满分 5 分)
52 个评分

52 个评分



Accidentally deleted all messages from 1 contact. Successfully recovered a fraction of what was deleted, but not in the order they were received/sent.
I'm on not able to open any messages from a completely different contact. iPhone shows that I currently have 22 unread messages, and there is no way that I've found to fix it. I've had problems receiving calls and texts from any all numbers ever since.


Great App

All other negative reviews were correct. I was too trusting when writing this review. All was kosher till my ifonebox app somehow was deleted. After my pics were gone and upon recovery all that happened was I was inadvertently signed in to a new ifonebox but still no pics..
I love this app. It's easily uploads files, allows privacy for your photos by giving the option of requiring a password/passcode, and all files are easily viewed. Perfect..


Slowed down my phone

After I downloaded this for merely a minute, I deleted it, realizing that I needed to buy the full package to recover some photos. However, after I deleted it, my phone has started to act up a little bit. I don't know what is going on, but this app is very fishy. I find it very odd my phone slowed down a bit just after I downloaded this app.

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开发者Suzhou Aunbox Software Co., Ltd.尚未向 Apple 提供其隐私惯例和数据处理相关的详细信息。


开发者下一次提交 App 更新时将需要提供隐私详细信息。


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