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IMTV provides various media contents such as broadcasting programs, movies, and education through internet. OTT is over the top, which means over-the-X goes beyond the existing range.
In other words, through the set-top box, it has the meaning beyond.
As such, we provide premium content such as various TV programs through VOD service through OTT service.

ImTV is also involved in the production of premium video, which is beyond the content distribution of OTT services.

ImTV launches and services iOS with the video platform.

With the expansion of the mobile market and the diversification of data providing services, the number of OTT service users is steadily increasing.

In addition, ImTV is a future comprehensive broadcasting production company that operates media contents production and other media services based on core content resources.
Based on accumulated production experience, we aim to lead the rapidly changing video market through more complete works.
Based on trust, we will become a leader in the multi-digital contents industry with the passion that will never forgive its trust.

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4개의 평가

4개의 평가

youngkim1217 ,


정말 좋은 뉴스 ~~깔끔한진행 ~~~ 굿굿

hyun jin ryu ,

Wonderful Design and Easy Use 👍

This is such a good app! 100% recommend for Korean tv and I’m so excited for more contents! Also, the design is absolutely wonderful and very modern. Due to the great design I DON’T have ANY trouble using this app!

good momm ,

기대되는 방송 앱이네요

좋은 프로그램들로 미국에서 질 높은 메이저급 한인 방송사가 나왔으면 좋겠네요 ㅎㅎㅎ

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