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1. 在相同的局域网内通过连接iPhone和电脑,通过无线网络传输照片和视频。
2. 在Windows或者Mac电脑兼容其他的浏览器,其中包括Safari、IE、Chrome、Firefox等。

1. 几秒即能在Vcf文件留轻松完成备份您的通讯录。Vcf是一种常规通讯录备份格式,可以在任何iPhone或其他移动设备上打开文件。
2. 通过电子邮件将备份文件发送给自己。您也可以将其保存在草稿箱。
3. 使用iCloud将通讯录备份还原到iPhone。

1. 收集联系人并详细预览。
2. 扫描你的通讯录,帮助您找出重复的联系人以及不完整的联系人。
3. 预览并选择重复的联系人,按照你希望的方式然后点击将其合并为同一联系人。
4. 预览并选择不完整的联系人,轻松一键清理。
5. 预览所有联系人并选择性地批量删除。
6. 几秒钟内扫描您的iPhone并检测所有重复的联系人以及不完整的联系人。您可以轻松合并重复的联系人并删除不完整的联系人。管理通讯录就是这么简单!

1. 轻松恢复丢失的iPhone数据:使用此应用程序轻松恢复iPhone上丢失或被删除的文件。
2. 永久清除iPhone数据:永久清除iPhone里的数据以保护您的个人隐私。
3. 备份和还原iPhone数据:在没有iTunes的情况下备份您的iPhone或从备份文件还原iPhone。
4. 传输iPhone数据:除了照片和视频,您还可以使用iMyFone传输将其他iPhone数据到您的电脑。
5. 您无需创建账号或访问互联网即可开始使用iMyFone。只需安装此应用程序即能在几秒钟内开始管理您的通讯录。

技术支持: support@imyfone.com


版本 1.4.1

1. Fixed some bugs.
2. We have reverted this app to the previous version - free photo transfer and data manager. It allows you to manage and back up contacts easily, including removing duplicate and incomplete contacts.


2.8(满分 5 分)
165 个评分

165 个评分


Don’t buy the full version!

Don’t trust the 30-day money back guarantee. The preview works fine to show you what’s already on your phone, but you don’t get to test how the recovery capabilities work. I paid $50 to watch my computer try to download the recovery files for almost two days straight with no results. I contacted the support center immediately, but they couldn’t help me either. When I requested my money back (well within the 30 day guarantee limit), they took forever to respond and gave me the runaround when they did telling me to “just keep trying”. Horrible service for a subpar product.



I don’t write reviews ever but i had to write one for this app. I accidentally deleted one very important note and after i went to recover it from recently deleted and then it just disappeared. i had no idea what to do and then i looked online and saw this app. i downloaded it on my phone and on my computer but after they did the scan on my phone for the missing note they asked for money to be able to recover it and it wasn’t even confirmed they had my exact note that i needed. 🙁


Don’t buy it!!!

This app or program doesn’t work, don’t waste your money and time with this company. They didn’t want to refund the money. The only thing they said It’s that you should try the free version before buying it, and of course when you do it, they ask you to buy it, because you can’t do anything with free one, it didn’t work and they can give the money back. The worst service ever. They only one to steal the money from you. DON’T TRUST THIS COMPANY.

App 隐私

开发者Shenzhen imyfone Technology Co.Ltd.尚未向 Apple 提供其隐私惯例和数据处理相关的详细信息。有关更多信息,请参阅开发者隐私政策


开发者下一次提交 App 更新时将需要提供隐私详细信息。


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