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iNet WOL is a tool to wake computer from sleep via a local network or the internet.
Its outstanding feature is its easiness of usage and the simple setup process.

With iNet WOL you can:

• Wake computer on the local network from sleep
• Wake computer via the internet
• Sleep, shutdown or reboot a computer remotely (Mac OSX only at the moment)
• Add new devices with one touch (No need to enter MAC address)

iNet WOL scans the devices connected to your local network and shows them along with their name, IP and vendor at the tip of a button. You do not need to find out the MAC addresses or type them in. Just click on an item in the generated list to add it to your favourites.

Setup and usage:

Start iNet WOL and click on the device you want to wake up. Its that simple.
For more detailed setup instructions regarding wake on lan via internet please see our website.


• iPhone/touch has to be connected to your lan
• iPhone/touch have to be in the same subnet
• Computer and router are connected via ethernet cable
• Computers must be configured correctly for wake on lan
• Network cards must support the standard Magic Packet format.

Additional prerequitsites for WOL via internet:
• The network must be reachable via internet
• Router must be capable of forwarding wol packages
• Router and firewall must be configured correctly

Wake On Lan with subnet directed broadcasts is not supported in version 1.0. We will implement this feature in a future update. Wake On Lan currently works within the same subnet.

iNet WOL is also included in our network scanner iNet, alongside with other network tools like ping, Bonjour scanner, portscan and more.

If you just need a fast and easy solution for computer wake up - iNet WOL is perfectly suited for you.


Versione 2.5

[Added] Some Fixes for the current release of iOS 14
[Updated] Vendor and Mac models databases
Have fun and stay healthy. Greetngs from BananaGlue team.
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Valutazioni e recensioni

3.7 su 5
9 valutazioni

9 valutazioni

Sir Professor of Pun ,

Wake Won’t Work

I can make my Mac lie down (sleep) and play dead (shutdown), but it seems to hate waking up just as much as me.

Protosshybrid ,

Apple Watch support please

App works perfectly. Please add Apple Watch support for WOL. Tried wake on lan competitors with Watch support, but they do not work as consistently.

Sjoypop ,

Didn’t work for me...

I thought this was working to wake via internet…I set up port forwarding on my router as per the instructions but after a day, it stopped waking via internet. It wakes when I’m on my local network but it’s not worth paying for an app that only saves me a short walk to the office. App seems to work for other reviewers so maybe its just my hardware setup.

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