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Welcome to IPEVO CamControl—a tool that allows you to control and adjust some basic image settings of your IPEVO USB document camera’s live images when you use it with third-party video conferencing software.

Find your live image to be too dark or washed out during a video chat? Or you need to lock the image focus at some point during your online meeting? Use the image settings options available in IPEVO CamControl to make the adjustments. With settings like Exposure, White Balance, Focus, Contrast, and more, you’ll be able to get the right image where you need it.


版本 1.7.0

1. Support TOTEM 360 & V4k Pro 120
2. Fixed minor issues


1.9(满分 5 分)
10 个评分

10 个评分


OK, but ...

I love my DO-CAM, but use it with FaceTime and Zoom so I use the CamControl app to set exposure, flip the camer image, etc. The main problem is that CamControl keeps losing control. Normally, I have to flip the camera image 180 degrees, which is easy with CamControl, but many things cause the camera to switch back to upside down. And, CamControl doesn't know about it. SO, I have to click back to not flipped, then click on fipped again to make it right. Also, the exposure/focus/etc. controls can be locked, but they have to be locked one by one rather than a single button to just lock the camera. So, CamControl basically works, but it would be nice if were more predictable and stable.


Hello and thanks so much for your feedback! We are glad you like the CamControl idea, but understand that there is still room for improvement. The suggestions you provided here are indeed, very valuable, and our developers would like to have the opportunity to discuss with you further. Could you please email us at cs@ipevo.com? We would like to work with you on making your feature wishes come true!

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!

-The IPEVO Team


Harsh Image Quality

I use my V4K as a general purpose camera on Zoom.

There is no way to get good image quality. Highlights are always blown out making my face look washed out. The gamma, contrast and brightness controls here are constructed absolutely wrong and do not allow proper adjustments. If they just used a gray scale once and did some tests with subjects, they'd see how bad their rendering is.



Thanks for the review and sharing your concern. We recommend using the V4K in a brighter environment for the best image performance. Could you try and increase room lighting and let me know if you are still unable to improve image quality? If the issue persists, please kindly get in touch with our team at cs@ipevo.com. We would like to figure out a solution with you.

-The IPEVO Team


No Mirroring

Missing the only real feature I needed "Mirroring". I've got a V4K. Without mirroring, if you position the camera to the back in landscape mode it's either upside down or reversed left to right. Put the cameral to the side and it is rotated 90 degrees one side, or the other. This can be corrected in Zoom, but not in Google Meetings, which makes this camera, without some other utility useless for that application.

Mirroring is the only thing you really need and it is the one thing this app doesn't give you.


Hello and thanks for taking the time to review our app. We do notice that adding a 'mirroring' feature to CamControl will make it more versatile. I'll make sure that your feedback is passed on to our software team.

In regards to using the V4K, please note that the image of the presenter is mirrored by default in Google Meet, but the audience will always see the correct image. We do have a workaround to this. Could you kindly send us an email via cs@ipevo.com?

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

-The IPEVO Team

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