iPlanner is designed to help you keep track of important events in your life - iPlanner is useful for scheduling everything from work shifts to bill payment reminders, days off work to tracking chores for the kids!

Use iPlanner as a duty roster, a shift planner, for vacation planning or to visually record projects. The areas of uses cover a broad range. iPlanner entices with its flexibility and is especially suitable in areas that require quick overviews and complicated recurring events.

*****Key Features of iPlanner:*****

**Icon and colour based calendar items!**
Categories represent templates that can be designed individually for recurring use. In addition to integrated colors and symbols you can also use your Emojis.

**Many ways to view your events!**
In addition to an annual and monthly view option, the calendar view provides a detailed listing of birthdays or holidays.

**Calendar System**
Holidays and birthdays are integrated. Holidays are brought current continuously through updates. For travelers, holidays for over 30 countries are available.

If one plan is not enough for you, you can create any number of plans in iPlanner. Separate business from private plans or provide a plan option for each family member.

** Reports **
The reports display you category use.

** Backup **
- iCloud Backup & Restore
- Plans can be imported from a Mail or exported as Mail attachment

6 Languages


Version 1.5.4

- fixes a problem with the Notes calendar

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lilCeci ,

This has a lot of potential, but needs a few touch ups

I put the iplanner app on my iphone first. I was looking for a monthly view that had ONLY the days of that particular month in view, I’m not a fan of looking at the last few days of March and the first few days of May when I have the April calendar page on my screen. On the phone, this app had exactly what I was looking for in that regard. The Entry of appointments and plans is a bit cumbersome, as you have to create ‘event types’ before you can enter your appointment info.

This Mac version does not have the simple appearance of the phone version. I was very disappointed to see extra days of the month in the month view, and still find entry of appointments and plans to be cumbersome. In the Mac version month view, the days of week and month number do not need to appear on each date box as they do in this version. I would prefer to see the text of my entry in the box, as opposed to an event type for which I have to click to get my info. The less clicking, tapping, swiping or any other command that I have to do, the better I will rate an app. I would ask for my money back on this one, but I have hope that some of these changes will take place soon.

I have not been able to get the phone and Mac versions to sync or bond in the cloud, but that may be operator error, so I will work on that. One last thought…. I abolutely LOVE the look of the year view on both versions! Only one suggestion about it - the column with the month could use a few more letters for each month, just because that is what most of us are used to. Instead of a single letter for each month, a three letter abriviation would be perfect!


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