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Attention! Novel and Comics Lovers!
iReader, a romantic storytelling platform for the story lovers all over the globe. Welcome aboard!

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[Why iReader?]
1. Countless copyrighted novels you can only enjoy on iReader
2. Multiple genres included, recommend the right one for you!
3. New stories updated on a daily basis
4. New free stories updated on a weekly basis
5. Super easy to read, all you need to do is to slide the screen
6. Enjoy reading even when you're offline

[Key Features]
1. Unique Typesetting: comparable to the layout of paper books
2. Screen Rotation: vertical and horizontal screen supported
3. Support Different Format: EPUB / TXT / MOBI / UMD, etc.
4. Eye-protection Mode: reading without tiredness
5. Auto-Read: Auto-Read liberates your hands
6. Build Your Own Library: manage your books like drag-and-drop desktop icons
7. Wireless Transmission: import your files between your phone and computer

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版本 10.8.14

Multiple bonuses released.
Brand new reading experience.


4.8(满分 5 分)
3.8万 个评分

3.8万 个评分



The app asks people to give a 5 star rating with the promise of extra coins so beware that the high rating is false. Just like their false advertisements on social media pretending a book is complete when it’s not. Ridiculously expensive, app deletes coins constantly, advertises daily updates that never happen. Also, the app has no problem deleting negative comments on Jessica Hall’s stories (I know they aren’t based out of USA, but I know many countries have laws against fake reviews and deleting negative comments so they can rake in more $ falls under that)- well, they deleted a lot of them up until they stopped allowing writing or viewing comments on ONLY her stories because people were getting fed up with how much they paid just for constant excuses of no updates and a storyline that fell apart. But she is a cash cow for them so they want to keep the false pretense up for new comers. App blames the authors, authors blame the app. Yet they all rake in big $ for unedited, unfinished stories and the app responds on here with the maddening copy and paste reply. Just beware- unless you want to take a couple of years trying to earn enough vouchers to finish a single story, don’t bother. To pay over $100 for an amateur book where they all start to sound alike is absurd.


Some gems in there, but way too expensive

I got into a book and decided since it was one of the few well written books with few errors that it was worth a little money. I bought 6000 coins which was a little over $10 US. Even with the coupons, free coins for reading for certain amounts of time and bonus vouchers it was not enough to pay for one incomplete book. That’s way more than I would pay on kindle or in a book store for a paperback. They need to increase the ways to earn more vouchers and coupons, or reduce the chapter cost to a competitive price. With the amount of amateur writers or writers without English as a first language, they need to open up more opportunities for readers to submit corrections and get decent rewards, like enough for a free chapter or something more enticing that would help the authors and the readers both. I’m fine helping out, but give me something more than a few measly coins and don’t limit me. Even though I keep finding decent stories to read, I am not paying that much for just one book that needs a lot of editing and improvement and that I have to wait for the ending through many days of single chapter updates. I read too fast for that and it is frustrating! I think the concept is great, but if they make it reasonable and affordable they will compete better in the market. Unfinished and unedited books should be WAY cheaper than the completed and edited books.


"Hi there, thanks so much for your feedback! I will hand over your feedback to our Product Manager. We are sonsidering a more reasonable price strategy! If you need to purchase more than 10 chapters, then you can make a bulk purchase to enjoy a discount. If you want to use the bulk purchase function, you can refer to the following steps.
1. Enter the reading page.
2. Slightly click the screen to activate the toolbars.
3. Click the button [Purchase] at the top and then you will see the discount.
Hope this helps and have a nice day!"


Only 5 stars for the vouchers

I started reading a book on this platform over a year ago that is only recently completed, which is highly annoying as someone who has read well over 70 full sized novels since January (without reading anything for about three or four months)😕 also, it’s incredibly expensive. I need to spend about $20 more to finish half the book after I already spent well over that the last time I installed this app and started the book. The grammar and spelling errors and overall forgetting words is difficult to look past as I have to reread to find the context clues to figure out who exactly is doing what as pronouns are often left out when they are needed. This one example among many many instances. Overall I will be deleting this app (again) once I finish the book.

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