What is PortraitStudio?

There is no more need to browse Google images endlessly for the perfect pose, lighting angle or model. With free-to-pose male and female mannequins, customizable male and female busts and full lighting and camera control, PortraitStudio maximizes referencing capability and reach, and with it, perfects your paintings.

Not only is it an amazing educational tool, with it's ability to bridge the gap between 2D and 3D thinking for growing artists, it helps students and artists alike draft, blueprint and plan entire illustrations simply and easily from their desktops. There is no need to learn modeling, buy physical models, or develop walk-in studios, or pay for studio subscriptions to have access to models. No more need for bulky and expensive anatomical models to take up desk space, and no need to worry about taking your own reference photos. You have all that power and more, with added enhanced lighting features and efficient performance profiles for all levels of GPU power.

PortraitStudio offers you full control. It revolutionizes reference development and generation, projecting a virtual equivalent of real-world access to models, studio and lighting. Control over the camera allows you to take snapshots of the models from any angles needed, the studio point-light allows control over light intensity, angle distance and rotation along a z-axis. In-program model adjustment allows you to customize and generate a unique face for the model with each use. The adjustment sliders maximize customization detail for both a male and female model.

Dedicated sliders for texture, sheen and model shade are also offered in Portrait Studio. You get access to all of these features and more, as well as free patch updates for new content! It provides access to the world of the 3D modelling without all the modelling, bridging the gap between 2D and 3D forms of art education.

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2.0 out of 5
2 Ratings

2 Ratings

joe spat ,

Should be better for the price

the limitations on the posing of these models is pretty bad. There is no undo and the model rig breaks easily when posing them. The creator uses the models well on her videos, but new users will stuggle to the point of frustration and giving up on the app in favor of a flash light and a posable figure for ref. I would really like this app if it just had bettter rigging. A rig that doesnt break all the time. Nobody needs any of the other extras stuff. This is a lot od extra stuff but the core....the modes of the figue are so frustrerating. Just make the figures work is some sort of forgiving way. Its makes it hard to explore fast posing options. This as could be good. but its not currently... at leats not for the Mac. Its seem they keep updating the PC one. This mac version have not yet been updated once since launch. its really frusterating.

Developer Response ,

Hello Joe! First, I want to thank you for choosing to support PortraitStudio. I'm sorry you're having problems, but I'd like to let you know we've acted on a lot of the feedback we've received and will be introducing a new update soon. To clarify, PortraitStudio for PC and PortraitStudio for Mac are on the same version. Mac however doesn't have Enhanced Lighting, due to a limitation. However here is a list of upcoming features. They will not all be released at once but will roll out when each is done. They include :

1. Auto rig option for rigged models allowing users to click-to-drag limbs to pose a model.

2. Presets for pose-able models as well as a 'save pose' option. (sharable with other users)

3. A Hierarchy Window, which will also introduce the ability to parent and group objects.

4. Object Presets, allowing you to create something using multiple models (like a building or a weapon) and saving that object (and all its children) as a preset you can load later as many times as you want without having to recreate it. (sharable with other users)

5. With the hierarchy system, you'll also be able to add as many lights (or volumetric fog objects) as you want and empty container objects to help you sort objects or create a new pivot point.

6. More Object Properties like transform values (position, rotation, size) and the ability to group edit object properties.

7. Material presets and shared materials.

8. The Graphics switch - an option to prove valuable for low-end GPU's allowing users to set preset Graphics profiles, toggling them as needed. For example, setting up a High-Performance profile for when you are setting up the scene and then switching over to a High-Quality profile for the final reference shot.

9. Perhaps the most challenging is the CTRL Z option. Something I myself and Istebrak have also wanted but proved to be more complicated with the last update last fall. This will make it into one of the coming summer updates once its finished - its definitely a god send when it comes to posing mannequins during my tests.

10. Eventually a rework of all the models in PortraitStudio is planned, complete with textures and cleaner details and better optimization. But this will take longer and probably won't make it into the Summer Updates.

A lot of this content is finished but integrating everything without issues is where we are at right now. Unfortunately I am the only programmer behind this project, so how fast these things finish depend on how fast I can code and test everything! Anyway, I appreciate your honesty and apologize for the frustration you're experiencing, but you're not alone and you won't be left unheard. We've collected all the feedback we received and are going to deliver a serious overhaul I know will make you happy!

Thank you very much for taking the time to write up this review, Joe. I'd like to hear what you think as soon as the first Summer Updates are live.


Julio Perez
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