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iTHRVE chakras is the premiere powerful HRV (Heart Rate Variability) heart and breath training biofeedback entrainment app for iOS - which also displays your chakras / glandular centers relative energy based scientifically on your HRV 'heart music'.

iTHRVE is the only heart rate variability (HRV) and craniosacral training (CST) biofeedback entrainment iOS app that offers both HRV and craniosacral training, and chakras display for resilience training, peak performance, optimum well-being, and much more…

iTHRVE chakras features breakthrough display of Heart / Breath Coherence, Mayer Wave / Craniosacral, heart musical key signature and Chakras (Altho scientifically controversial - if we study carefully - it does appear there is significant agreement in the literature about an actual correlation between musical key signatures and the glandular areas or chakras which are energized by specific notes).

iTHRVE chakras is also revolutionary in the number and power of input devices supported. With iTHRVE you can do more with the iPhone camera to measure your heart / HRV / pulse / breath analysis than you ever thought possible.

In addition, iTHRVE supports – chest strap blue tooth input – AND finger clip input which is quick and convenient – AND displays relative blood pressure – analysis including the famous MAYER WAVE of blood pressure – so importantly associated with LF (lower frequency) in the HRV (and linked to craniosacral therapy).

iTHRVE chakra also supports – ear clip blue tooth input – meaning a very convenient non-invasive comfortable alternative way to see your heart training.

iTHRVE is a truly capable way to do Heart COHERENCE analysis with breakthrough 3rd order FFT (Fast Fourier Transform analysis) Coherence analysis - while at the same time offering colorful display analysis of chakra / glandular energy responding to you breath and attention.

HRV, Heart Rate Variability, Heart Coherence, Craniosacral Training, Breath Training, Chakras


Version 1.4

Camera sensor improvement for latest IOS

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7 notes

7 notes

alice sandu says ,

Love u

Thank you guys and gals

Mr. Oscarito ,

Terrible design and graphics

App is very poorly designed, offers almost no options for breathing techniques and looks as if it has not updated for years really disappointed

morrisb825 ,

Do not waste your money

This app is confusing and impossible to read for the average person and the results are not intuitive. Do. Not. Buy!

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