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iTHRVE is the HRV (Heart Rate Variability) heart and breath training biofeedback entrainment app for iOS.

iTHRVE is the only heart rate variability (HRV) and craniosacral training (CST) biofeedback entrainment iOS app that offers both HRV and craniosacral training for stress management, resilience training, peak performance, optimum well-being, and much more…

With breakthrough display of Heart / Breath Coherence, Stress Analysis, Mayer Wave / Craniosacral, overnight HRV analysis at a fraction of the cost – PLUS – blood oxygen display (with finger clip) a support environment for craniosacral therapy – and much more.

iTHRVE is also revolutionary in the number and power of input devices supported. With iTHRVE you can do more with the iPhone camera to measure your heart / HRV / pulse / breath analysis than you ever thought possible.

In addition, iTHRVE supports – chest strap blue tooth input – for long term HRV diagnosis / analysis – AND finger clip input which is quick and convenient – which ALSO displays – relative blood oxygen level (helps with breath training) – AND displays relative blood pressure – analysis including the famous MAYER WAVE of blood pressure – so importantly associated with LF (lower frequency) in the HRV (and linked to craniosacral therapy).

iTHRVE also supports – ear clip blue tooth input – meaning a very convenient non-invasive comfortable alternative way to see your heart training. And speaking of training – complete data analysis display for comparing long term training and goals – is included – WITH sophisticated file sharing capabilities – to analyze with friends and corporate associates.

iTHRVE is a truly corporate capable way to do STRESS ANALYSIS and state of the art – Heart COHERENCE analysis with conventional and breakthrough 3rd order FFT (Fast Fourier Transform analysis) Coherence training. iTHRVE software capabilities walk circles around HeartMath and other HRV iOS apps – both in terms of sophistication of data analysis, breakthrough techniques to measure your heart coherence and stress (and blood oxygen), data sharing and number of different supported hardware input options to conveniently input state of the art – HRV training for iPhone.

HRV, Heart Rate Variability, Heart Coherence, Craniosacral Training, Stress Management, Breath Training


Version 1.4

Camera update for latest IOS

Notes et avis

3.3 sur 5
9 notes

9 notes

AnotherOtherOtherNickname ,


Not worth $25 when it crashes and loses your recording. Not good for my temperament.

nrlacanc ,

High potential

There is a lot of potential for this app. As for now it has a lot to be desired. I really enjoy new technology and after realizing the limited advanced functions the iHealth app has I was very excited to see iTHRVE. I want the ability to export the complete data set that is being recorded and I thought iTHRVE was the app. I have been unable to actually connect my iHealth pulse to the app, the UX/UI is clunky with no visual appeal, the cost is very high, and no response from company through email. The UX/UI would not bother me if that was the only downfall since I am interested in the data not playing in the app. The high price wouldn't bother me either if the app worked seamlessly.

I understand all apps have a starting point and bumps in the road. With that said, there are too many bumps at this point for me to use or recommend this app. Hopefully there is development progress and I will have the opportunity to change my review.

Twinkle Molina ,


Thank you for creating this wonderful app. I just downloaded it and I’m getting familiar with it. But just a little bit that I did is just amazing and I cannot believe anything at all this information in a completely inexpensive way.

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