iWannaSleep 4+

Only 10 more minutes...yawn..‪.‬

Marco Binder

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15 years ago, I released iWannaSleep 1.0 and it swiftly became popular with so many Mac users. After years of requests, let me proudly present the all new version 2!

Ever wanted to listen to the latest album of your favourite artist while snuggling in bed? But who will turn off the music then and put your Mac to sleep?

Want to make sure your computer won't go to sleep for the next hour so it can finish the batch processing of some of your home video, but then it should be put in sleep mode (or be shut down)?

Or have you put together a fancy Automator workflow to conclude your work day by archiving your mails and copying them to a network volume, but now you have to go to an appointment and you're unsure wether you will come back to your desk before the end of the office hours to run the workflow?

iWannaSleep is a lightweight timer app that helps you deal with such situations and many more. It conveniently integrates into your menu bar so you can quickly access it no matter what app you are currently working in. It let's you quickly set a timer and chose some action(s) to be performed, much like you are used to from the timer app on your iPhone just quite a bit more powerful!

iWannaSleep can:

• fade out and mute sound system-wide (great if you watch some web video / listen to some web music in bed!)
• fade out "Music" / "iTunes" volume and put playback to pause
• run any AppleScript, shell script or Automator workflow
• put your Mac into sleep mode, or

• shut it down completely (**NOTE: shutdown requires installation of an additional helper script, see below**).

Despite its name, iWannaSleep can also keep your Mac awake (prevent it from going to display sleep or deep sleep) for the duration of your timer! Comes in handy when you want to lean back to watch some web video for a bit and don't want to get up every five minutes moving your mouse just to turn the display back on! No need for a separate app for this purpose anymore!

Due to Apple's strict security policy for apps sold through the Mac App Store, shutting down the computer requires installation of an additional helper script. When you select the "Shutdown computer" action for the first time, you'll be given the option to download the helper from our website. It is a simple, Apple-notarized one-click installer for user convenience!


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