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Оценки и отзывы

4.4 из 5
Оценок: 74

Оценок: 74

AppleTreeCoLtd ,

More solo option please!

Nice storyline and beautiful graphic, especially the pretty outfits!!! The dungeons are also awesome except for some being too difficult that f2p players cannot hope to beat ones corresponding to their levels (e.g. divine chamber) and the annoying requirement for 3-5 people to run dungeons. This frustrates and forces many players to quit as there is no option to solo/blitz. If possible, please:
- Lower the difficulty of some dungeons so that f2p can run by themselves without having to beg for help from p2w or p2w having to run several times daily so that everyone gets their dailies done.
- Allow solo mode so that people won’t have to wait for a full team to run their dailies. My team used to wait like 2-3hrs for everyone to be online, and that did not work for our busy schedules that many of my friends were forced to quit.
- More cross server events would be fun as long as there’s a balance between the team.

JackGaming122 ,


I love the game! It’s sort of new and it seems very fun, thank you so much and I hope you could improve it throughout the years, etc.

MagmaSin ,

The star ratings lie.

Trash game with low population. Everything need a 3 men team and some need 5, even if they try to match you with cross server you be dead waiting and still no team in the afterlife. Events for holiday has no real reward for f2p. The SEA server has shutdown and most player be in U.S server that doesn’t speak any or much English. Play the game and watch world chat, it is a ghost town. Server crash and take more than 12 hours to fix. Worst p2w game, cash you won’t be getting much out of for any upgrade due to over costly shop items. Would give this game a 0 star if I could.

Ответ разработчика ,

You can easily switch your language in the welcome window.


2.1 ГБ

Требуется iOS 9.0 и новее. Совместимо с iPhone, iPad и iPod touch.



Рейтинг 12+ для:
Редко/умеренно встречающиеся сцены мультипликационного или фэнтезийного насилия
Редко/умеренно встречающиеся сцены сексуального или эротического характера
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  1. 60 слитков $0.99
  2. 239 слитков $3.99
  3. 599 слитков $9.99


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