The JAF Collection is an exciting set of digital modeled classic analog synthesizer filters (VCFs) for iOS. The emphasis of this collection of audio effects is professional analog sounding and optimized behavior with touchscreen usage, features that not many currently available apps and plugins do really offer.

The collection is exclusively available for the mobile iOS (version 11 and higher). The apps and the included Audio Units are “universal”, so they work on iPhones and iPads the same way and also have basically the same appearance and functionality.

Note: These apps are so-called “Audio Units” (aka plugins), which usually require hosting audio applications to operate. Although, they come with their own basic host applications, which include for instance IAA (inter-app-audio) connectivity, like mic input and also have inbuilt MIDI support, to use the filters out of the box, like external hardware devices, without requiring another host application.

The JAF Collection Filters can also act as a synthesizer module due to the fact, that there is an unison oscillator section (VCOs) built in for testing and for live performances. The analog modeled synthesizer has no advanced controls or modulators. It just runs the oscillators continuously and can be controlled by external MIDI messages to snap to MIDI pitches or being automated with the volume controller. The complete MIDI assignment is documented in the MIDI Implementation Chart for the JAF Collection.


Version 1.4

(fourth maintenance update)

A. moveable modal boxes

we have made the 'modal boxes' for the modulator, oscillator and saturator modules moveable now. the boxes will be ready to be moved freely inside the plugins effective area, if no internal control is hit. the positions are remembered for the current session only, as it would create problems while loading with different host apps due to different window sizes and handling.
there can only be one modal box opened at same time for certain reasons, but the positions are individually remembered for each type of dialog while working with the plugin. the global zoom feature affects everything, not merely individual boxes. The move feature can be globally locked with the freeze button. the freeze button will be invoked or hidden by a long press gesture. to close a box, one must tap outside the visible area of the box. the double tap with 2 fingers will reset everything to default positions.

B. zooming behavior

the model selector (exposed via [ menu ] button) will not disappear anymore by tapping outside, to support zooming while it is open. The menu button must be tapped explicitly to close the menu.
if you want to zoom into open modal boxes, you must ensure to pinch inside their areas to make not disappear these automatically. a tap outside will automatically hide any open modal box. this was a requested user feature and we won't change that again.

C. improved contrast behavior

modal boxes now also support the contrast feature with their own semi-transparent background. we also improved the entire contrast to get really more visual difference. it is done by just inverting the main color in relation to the background color. this should optimize usage with extreme lighting and give entirely more contrast. this also affects all the main labels.

D: labels made bigger

all the labels of the user interface were made 1 point larger for better readability. this is maximum as it already looks quite clumsy now. ^^

E: removed Bluetooth MIDI connectivity

We decided to remove MIDI connectivity features from our releases completely. the reason is, that we always have to provide videos for the app store staff with each update release to demonstrate this iOS system feature with our distribution apps. we have not the time to endlessly capture videos of basic iOS system features, as these system functions are merely invoked by the app, not coded. it is not our code, nor do we even have influence to these mechanisms, so we do not see the logic in the demands of the app store review staff, notoriously asking for demonstrating sub features of our apps, that are in fact features of the OS. So Bluetooth MIDI cannot be established any longer with our distribution apps. it is also not a requirement for the operation of the audio units, b.t.w.

F. audio improvements and extension delayed again

some audio issues (like hot signals, loudness adjusting, additional comb effects) will come with the next update, as far there is even any interest for that.

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

4.9 von 5
14 Bewertungen

14 Bewertungen

Leestro ,

Desert Island Filter App

Underrated dev. I used the free JAF Model One AU so much I felt I owed it to the creator to buy the full version. No regrets! Amazing collection of filters, so many great modelled filters in here, grits everything up nicely & makes everything feel alive. Reminds me a lot of the brilliant Sherman Filterbank I used to have. If you write hard music like Industrial, Grime, etc, you want this.

Only thing I’d love to see in the future is some sort of note off or gate for the Oscillator section. Kind of irks me hearing it everytime I load a project using it. When it’s on, it’s just always ON.

polarpaul ,

Excellent DSP in these filters

A great range of filters with excellent functionality. They really standout from other filter apps in my experience and are a great value. The updates have improved the functionality of the app in a wide variety of hosts so it’s good to see them supporting their app so well.

The latest update significantly improved the visibility of the GUI so you can see it even if your vision is less than perfect.

Entwickler-Antwort ,

Thank you very much for the review!

We see the contrast problem, so the next version update (1.4) will focus specifically on this problem with a drastic improvement by more consequently adjusting the main color, when using the contrast slider. This was not solved optimal yet. We will realize this with automatic background-foreground color inverting, which works quite good as some internal tests have shown yet.

Regarding the small labels, we suggest to zoom into the view temporarily, as we extra for such reasons (readability) implemented the advanced pinch2zoom feature into all our audio units. Once the labels and control positions are known, this should not be a problem any longer. Aesthetically it would be a problem just making all these labels bigger permanently. We tried that already and were extremely unhappy with the result.

brysmi ,

An interesting set of quality filters with an interface I like

I like the controls, quality, and variety. You have a lot of control over sound without having to dig too much into the interface, so you can start tweaking easily and quickly. Great response from developer who got AU3 integration issues resolved quickly.

Entwickler-Antwort ,


The maintenance update 1.3 is ready and will fix the AUM parameter exposing issue and other things. The update will be shipped tonight and should be available for download soon. The App Store review process always needs some time (at least 24 hours). We are sorry for this.


Jens Guell
12.2 MB

Erfordert iOS 11.0 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPhone, iPad und iPod touch.



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