Just Translate 2019 is the professional translation environment for everyone. With Just Translate, millions of travelers, students, business people, employers and medical professionals around the world can read, write and speak in over 100 languages. Correspond with your family, friends and business partners. Translate websites to access needed information. Send and receive business proposals form your customers, prospects and trading partners in their own language. Deliver world-class localized content to support your global sales and marketing efforts with software trusted by translation professionals worldwide.

Put the world at your fingertips in your personal and professional life, right from your iPhone, iPad or Macintosh. Just Translate lets you dictate documents by voice on any device quickly and accurately so you can translate them anywhere you go. Start speaking and Just Translate recognize your voice, transform it into text and translate it into another language. Use your most powerful tool – your voice – and put it to work. No training needed.

If you're a newcomer to a country, conveying a message in a language that is not your mother tongue is often necessary to access vital services, perform well on the job, achieve good grades and integrate into society. Therefore Just Translate offers you a reliable, full functioning text-to-speech system that quickly allows you to convert your translated text into a natural sounding voice. With Just Translate you could actually communicate with them in their language at a finger tip!

Become a citizen of the world. Expand your horizons through international websites and blogs. Make purchases on international websites. Translate letters, email, chat, blogs, and instant messages. Now you can travel abroad with ease and confidence.

But thats not all. Just Translate helps businesses rapidly increase the speed at which communications to customers and prospects can be tailored for international markets. Businesses looking to effectively address the multilingual requirements across product, engineering, marketing, support and other internal groups, will require a machine translation solution that is powerful, secure and flexible to adapt to changing requirements in terms of content type, format and linguistic style.

Global companies use Just Translate for a variety of scenarios:
+ To provide comprehensive information for customers prior to purchase, including user reviews and specifications.
+ Monitor social networks across different languages, to obtain comprehensive insights into consumer sentiment .
+ Provide information in knowledge and technical support forums .
+ Employees in the technical support and customer service without language skills allow to process customer requests in different languages .
+ Between globally distributed departments allow communication and exchange of knowledge .
+ Increase productivity in all translation activities associated with the localization.

**** Key Features ****
▪ All included - no In-App purchases.
▪ Translate full text between 100 languages.
▪ Listen to translations with Text-to-Speech.
▪ Dictate your text via voice.
▪ Translate back and forth (reverse translation) in just a click.
▪ Save and view previous translations.
▪ Automatic language recognition.
▪ Spell checker inside.
▪ Uses of mayor translation service.
▪ Translate text while working in other applications.
▪ Plus highlight “not found words” to easily detect and correct typos and names in the source language to prevent mistranslations.

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Version 19.3

This release fixes an issue that prevented the menu from closing on certain devices.

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

wefwrger ,

Fake app,do not buy

Can’t even open the main page, nothing works in this app

Entwickler-Antwort ,

hello wefwrger,

You found a bug in our program. But why didn't you ask us for support?

Instead of writing a bad review, you should send an email to our support team so we can fix the bug. Only if we know the details of an issue, we can help you.

Best regards
jalada support team


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