Japan Travel by NAVITIME will help you travel around like a local!

App Overview:
-Explore (Travel guides/articles)
-Route Search
-Map / Offline Spot Search

About the Features:
-We provide you with basic guides and informative articles about traveling in Japan, written by foreign autohrs residing in Japan.
-Topics include transportation, money, internet connection, food, art&culture, nightlife, shopping, etc.
-Recommended itineraries are also provided for areas throughout the country.

[Route Search]
-The app navigates you from your preferred point of departure to your destination.
-Search covers all modes of public transport (trains including JR and subway lines, airplanes, taxis, and ferries).
-Provides useful information such as the platform number, station lists, and timetables.
-Search directly from a zoomable interactive map of the Tokyo area.
-Allows you to save up to 50 recently searched routes. You can also see them while offline.
-The Japan Rail Pass mode will show the most efficient route for pass holders.

[Map / Offline Spot Search]
-Search offline for the following spots: Free Wi-Fi hotspots (NTT FREE Wi-Fi, FREESPOT, Starbucks, etc.), currency exchange spots, ATMs, TICs, and train stations.
-Book hotels, rental cars, and activities nearby you or your destination.

-While reading articles or searching on the map, add spots to your favorites that sounds attractive.
-Create your own travel plan with your favorite spots by adding them in a timeline. Your plan can be also viewed on a map.
-Comfirm the transportation information directly from your plan. You can select modes of transportation like train, taxi, walking, local buses, etc.
-Start your planning from our reccomended itineraries, and coordinate it by adding spots from your interests.

[PAID Features]
-Search alternative routes in case of a disruption to your searched route.
-Voice navigation will show you directions and landmarks.
-Check the rankings of articles to know the hot topics.
-Make more collections and sort out your favorite spots.
-Rain & snow radar will show the forcast up to 6 hours ahead.

-This app uses GPS in the background for the purpose of enhancing user experience. You can turn the GPS off from Settings on your device.
-Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
-At the time of your initial access, we ask users to participate in a survey for the Japan Tourism Agency, which is aimed to enhance tourism experience in Japan. This survey is optional, and you will be able to use the app without answering them.


バージョン 4.3.5

Version 4.3.5
- Point release





Indispensable travel planning app

Incredibly helpful for getting around Japan.

If you’re just looking for train times, it has a better sense than HYPERDIA of which sections of lines are/are not affected by service advisories, and it also seems to provide more optimized routings.

Even more impressively, this app integrates bus and ferry times - and has fares and bus stop numbers/names too. A journey from a Kirishima ryokan to Shimabara Port that took me hours to piece together from the various local Japanese transportation services’ sites takes a few minutes to find in this app. Pretty amazing.


Must have

The amount of information given in this app is wonderful. Location of a.t.m’s, money exchange, free WiFi, and closest stations is great. Travel route are better than the app that my native japanese friend has, with multiple routes to choose from and distinct JR pass routes. Estimation on how much non JR trains cost and taxi travel is spot on. I’ve been to Japan several times and this app made this trip even easier. I utilized all its features on a daily basis. I thank the developers for a well thought out and very usable application.


Incredible app - for JR pass holders, Google Maps is useless

You can optimise for JR pass routes on this app, specially the Shinkansen Bullet trains you can take for free - Google Maps keeps suggesting more expensive options which wasn’t super useful.

Sometimes it helps to check Google Maps to see which station is closer to your actual destination...so a map split view would be kinda nice right inside this app and something I might be willing to pay for.

All the train stations are in English but I would have also liked if the local Bus stops which were often in Japanese were also in English. Google maps suffers from the same problem so they’re doing the best with the data they have I guess.

This something we had to get by with by asking people in Japan around - who are also perhaps the best humans I’ve ever come across.


30 days ticket
For long term travelers
1 year ticket
For users constantly traveling to Japan


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