Peekaboo Kids 4+

Fun app for kids 1-3 years old

The Barn Of Kinder Kids

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Welcome to Peekaboo Kids - a fun and educational game for children between the ages 0-4 years! In Peekaboo Kids you will get to meet a number of exciting animals, vehicles and music instruments, such as lion, cow, airplane and guitar.

The game is especially created for small children and includes over 80 fun animations and sound effects. All the items are hidden and will pop out when the child taps the screen. A voice will reveal the name of the item displayed and its special sound is played, for example a dog barking.

The game is divided into 6 different categories:

- The Farm
- The Forrest
- The Savannah
- The Garage
- The Music Scene
- Guess the Item

In Guess the Item, 3 different images are shown and a voice will ask the child to locate a certain item, for example "Where is the airplane?". If the child taps the correct item, a fun animation will be played.

The interface is well defined, interactive and excellently designed to suit small children - all in English.


Version 1.5

- Bug fixes

Notes et avis

3,9 sur 5
9 notes

9 notes

Hobnkob ,

My one year old loves it but it needs some work

Note: I made the in-app purchase for additional sets of flash cards (for lack of a better word).

This app is easy to use for even the very youngest children. My son (currently 15 months but started using this at around one year) is not one for sitting still and loves pressing (physical) buttons (like the home button, which makes using apps for longer than two seconds tough), and this is the only app that holds his attention long enough that he has learned how to use it. It was very easy for him to learn as it requires just tapping in the middle of the screen over and over to see the doors open and close and reveal different animals, vehicles, etc.

However, there are some inaccuracies such as: an animal that looks like a duck is called a chicken, they use terms that make it obvious this app was not written by native (American) English speakers (space rocket and motor bike, for example) and the instrument claimed to be a "flute" is held in front of the body and not out to the side (a personal peeve of mine as I played the flute for a long time). I could also do without the pooping animals (they appear in some of the additional sets you get when you complete the in-app purchase in addition to the pooping horse in the barn).

My son only uses this app while siting in my lap, so I usually turn off the sound and make the noises and name the animals myself.

I think this would be great if they fixed these small issues.

Gamer_Girl_Perfection ,

It’s okay but

My little 2 year old loves this game but we don’t have it full version because why pay that much to get a couple more types of games?! I wish they were all free besides that it’s awesome

Chechelan ,

Special needs

My special needs son loves it

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