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JioSwitch is the fastest way to transfer data from one phone to another. Whether you want to transfer data from your old phone to new phone or want to transfer data to a friend’s phone, JioSwitch offers unparalleled capabilities.

Some of the product features include:
• Transfer Videos, Photos, Contacts, Calendar and Reminders between phones wirelessly.
• Transfer files to/from Desktop/PC/Laptop.
• Transfer without cellular mobile data, up to maximum of 20MB/sec using mobile Hot-spot.
• User friendly interface to get you started instantaneously.
• Much faster than Bluetooth and NFC.

Simply connect both the phones to a Hot-Spot or a common Wi-Fi and start transferring without utilizing your mobile data.

새로운 기능

버전 4.0.1

Photos and Videos get read faster, app now works with Dark mode setting.

평가 및 리뷰

44개의 평가

44개의 평가

2jeep2wanda ,

Love it.

I'm a non tech 87 year old that tried app after app to transfer contacts to a non apple product. Was getting thoroughly disgusted with all the reasons apps said they couldn't do this and made one last try. WOW! fast,easy and nanosecond transfers. I'm never using anything else! Thankyou and kudos to developers.


So Easy

I was looking for an app to transfer my calendar information to my new iPhone. This was an easy process. Highly recommended!

abhishek 123643 ,

Complaints and Suggestion which must be fixed

1.Where does the files go .jio switch folder is empty .add a file manger in to it so that we can easily access content of transmission
2.files are getting corrupted during transmission
3.user interface is very poorly designed .needs quick improvement for faster adoption .

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