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105.7 k valoraciones

105.7 k valoraciones

Meme2439456 ,

Unprofessional drivers

On three separate occasions I have been placed in a bad position. One a driver maked himself available and was 7 blocks away he sat there until the 5 min was up and tried to cancel. I had to contact the help line for this. The second time a cab driver drove in circle after waiting 8 minutes for the cab. I tried to call and text I was sent to voice mail. Ultimately the car was canceled for then driving in the opposite direction. I had to get another cab that was 10 min away to come get me. The last time the cab claimed he was infornt of my door and then canceled. I ended up waiting another 9 min for a cab. All three times I was made late for work or school. Had these service showed when they said they would show I would have been 20 mins early. Because of the inconveniences I have gotten a verbal warning behind the first 2 and the last one which prompted this rant has caused me to get an absence and an automatic 5 % drop to my grade. This was is completely unacceptable

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

Thank you for your review and we're terribly sorry to hear about your recent experience with our drivers. We take driver performance very seriously and want you to know this behavior is unacceptable. If you'd like to provide us with your ride details when this behavior occurrs, we will follow up with the driver individually to make sure this isn't a repeated instance.

Lauren C. D. ,

Frequently Charges Extra After Juno Gives Wrong Pickup Location


I’m not sure if this is on the driver or the Juno app, but there have been multiple instances since the beginning of 2019 where I have been charged additional fare for pickup because Juno decided to hide the car are around the corner from where I submitted to be picked up. While I don’t mind walking sometimes, If I wanted to walk to a quarter to get to my destination, I would’ve used Via or a Uber Pool. If I am paying for a door-to-door car service such as Juno, I don’t appreciate being told to walk around the corner, and being penalized if I don’t happen to be standing right at the correct corner within the 30 seconds I’m given to get to the pickup spot. There have been times where I literally had to run to get to the spot, because I didn’t want to be penalized. This is not always an option if it is pouring down rain (New Year’s Eve) or if I am carrying a bunch of heavy stuff in my bag. Furthermore, when I tried through the app to come around the corner, it is always ignored.
While I am not sure whether this is a failure on their GPS, or if they’re intentionally trying to inflate their rate, I do know that I don’t appreciate being charged more as a result of someone’s incompetence.

Mazekiel ,

Cheap but Slow Alternative

Juno rides are the cheapest, especially early after opening your account with the app! However, the routing is terrible and drivers either get lost or take the slowest route to get around. For instance Juno had the entrance to my building listed as the opposite side of the block, where there is no back door or anything, so I called my driver as soon as the ride was booked to tell him to come one street up. The streets are one-way in opposing directions. The guy ended up circling around three times before actually making it to me! What a mess! Another time Juno made my driver exit an empty highway an exit early and take slow stop-and-go local roads to the destination. So unless your driver somehow uses his own GPS or knows the area better than the app, don't expect efficiency.

Update: While I appreciate the developer's comments, it is clear to me that the majority of drivers aren't using Waze or Google Maps and might need some sort of incentive to do so. Juno's routing issue has made me late, but it has fewer ride cancellations, so pick your poison.

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

Thank you for letting us know about your experience! We recommend a few things to help clear this up, first make sure that you adjust your location pic after inputting your address so your driver picks you up exactly where you need. Second, while our drivers use Waze or Google Maps to get to your destination, feel free to let our drivers know your preferred route and they should accommodate. Lastly, if there is ever any issue, our support team is available to assist 24/7 for anything you need!


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Requiere iOS 11.1.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.



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