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Kairon is an astrology calculation software for highest precision calculations.
Kairon will not do any interpretations for you, nor will it teach you astrology.

Kairon can be very individually configured, or it can be used with the standard settings as is. All settings take immediate effect and are no longer outside of the app like in previous versions.



Self updating atlas, that will go with every update of the MacOS itself.
26 house systems both counterclockwise and also clockwise
Gauquelin sectors
29 Anayamsas
24 Aspects plus parallel and counterparallel
Kairon contains the Ephemeris data for
- Sun
- Moon
- Mercury
- Venus
- Mars
- Jupiter
- Saturn
- Uranus
- Neptune
- Pluto
- true and mean Nodes.

Additionally you have the following Asteroids and Objects built in:
- True and Mean Lilith
- Chiron
- Pholus
- Nessus
- Lilith (Asteroid)
- Ceres
- Pallas
- Juno
- Vesta
- Isis
- Quaoar
- Sedna
- Vulcan
- Part of Fortune
- Part of Spirit
- Vertex
- and more, including Eris, Witte's planets and many asteroids...

You can load more than 11.000 Astroids and configure their symbols using almost any fonts you can find

There are two Zodiacs, one with twelve equal signs, the other with those twelve equal signs surrounded by 13 differently sized signs which reflects the actual sky at night.
Included is also the medieval square chart and the two basic vedic square charts.
There is also a zodiac with vehlow sun-houses included

Retograde objects are (optionally) drawn in a separate color, but you can also use the regular color and have the "R" or "sR" attached.

The chartwheel and the aspectgrid can be scaled, colors can be stored in setting objects, so you can switch your look and feel with your moods.

The following Methods are implemented:
- Synastry
- Composite
- Combine
- Solar
- Lunar
- Personar
- Transits (static and animated)
- Time machine (static and animated)
- Progressions with Lunar phases
- Directions
- Harmonics
- List with exact aspects for a certain period of choice
- Midpoint trees
- Hamburger charts
- Draconic charts

Near the graphic view an optional listing can be displayed, showing
- positions of chosen objects
- dignities (medieval or classical)
- Egyptian and Ptolemaic terms
- firdaria
- Nakshatras
- vedic dignities

Special features
- orbis choker (in addition to individual object and aspect orbs)
- rollover comments (showing position and extended dignities)
- many settings for the display of the chartwheel
- geocentric, heliocentric and topocentric calculations
- entered charts can be grouped
- any charts can be easily relocated
- powerful color config tool allowing grouping of objects
- automatic ftp-download of asteroids, where ephemeris is missing
- arabic parts configurator
- fixed stars as objects
- sensitive to darkmode and lightmode with one responsive color default

Let me know if you are missing features of Kairon 3.6 - thus mentioned features will be implemented faster than others (yes, there is more to come in 2020, so God permits)


Version 4.17

Translated ephemeris download dialog and updated the downloadpath.

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5.0 von 5
4 Bewertungen

4 Bewertungen

AnaRaina ,


So, Mr. Sternad was kind enough to gift me this program when it was still available on his website not too long ago. I loved that program but was very disappointed that I couldn't update it for the newest MacOS update.

I saw that it was in the App Store, and I bought it immediately! I am beyond happy with this program and I've only had it about 5 minutes. It's so easy to use and I absolutely love the Asteroids and Fixed Stars features. I use them for everything. For those interested, there is a series of books by Ajani Abdul-Khaliq which goes heavily into aspects and this is the best program for it. Just sayin'.

I do have questions? I'm still not 100% on what the Firdaria is, but that's beside the point. I can't seem to scroll the text down to see the rest of the list (I have it in full screen mode). I was also wondering if Mr. Sternad will be re-implementing the Angles list feature? It was available on the previous Kairon application and it was a wonderful little tool for harmonic angles.

Mr. Sternad, THANK YOU for all your hard work on this program. I absolutely love it. I know I said that, but still.

Nich1357 ,

Great astrology app

The dev fixed my one issue! (loading in some asteroids and tnos crashed the program).

Works great now. I highly recommend it. It is simple and streamlined, but also complex and has most features you would want in an astrology program. And the price is great.


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