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KalmanSignal gives you the real, underlying non-redrawing trends and unchanged signals of all the stocks showing in Yahoo Finance. Save stock symbols in groups, adjust trend dates, get buy and sell signals, compare with other indicators and more. Everything you need to keep an eye on your portfolio is here. Click “...More” to learn why you should download this App today!

You’ve invested a lot of your savings in an attempt to speed up your retirement date. Although you’re not a professional trader, you like to watch the market and make your own decisions about your portfolio. You have a goal and a target and you plan to handle the buying and selling of stocks yourself.
Thanks to KalmanSignal, you can keep an eye on those important trends that mean the difference between profit and loss. If a stock is listed in Yahoo Finance, you can quickly and easily see its daily, weekly, monthly or intraday chart. There is absolutely no lag when compared with moving average trends. Calman filter effectively removes random fluctuations to provide the real picture of how a stock is performing and it is almost not redraw, and Chebyshev polinomials are used to draw long trend channel lines.
When you download KalmanSignal, you’re putting an innovative trending tool on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. No matter where you are, you’ll have access to the data that matters most – buy and sell signals and trend comparisons. You can organize your stock symbols into groups and adjust trend dates, too.
The app’s data and trend line comes from Yahoo Finance, so any stock listed there is accessible for trending in KalmanSignal. Every five minutes, you get up-to-date data in intraday mode. For daily, weekly or monthly views, the information is refreshed hourly and at midnight. You’ll always have a pulse on current trends.
If you’re the cautious type, or simply want to kick the KalmanSignal tires before purchasing, go ahead and download it for free! You wil have 30 days to make KalmanSignal purchase decision.
Have a look at some of the features you get in KalmanSignal:
* Puts an innovative trending tool in the palm of your hand
* Uses Kalman Filter to create short trend line and Chebyshev polynomials for long trend pipe against Yahoo Finance & realtime GoogleFinance if available
* Get daily, weekly, monthly or intraday stock charts
* Kalman filter optimally removes random fluctuations to provide the real trends
* Complete absence of lag when compared with moving average trends
* Includes buy and sell signals
* Compare trends with classical MA and Bollinger Bands, Parabolic SAR and MACD, RSI, Chaikin and more (check manual appendix #2 at the support site for more details);
* Save stock symbols in a portfolio by groups
* Ability to adjust trend dates
* Ability to draw custom lines and create custom signals
* Stocks and data sourced from Yahoo Finance website; realtime data sourced from GoogleFinance if available
* Accessing web requires a data connection
* Try KalmanSignal for free during 30 days for it's sneak peak.
So are you as informed about your stocks as you should be? Are you buying and selling at the best times? Find out for sure by downloading KalmanSignal now. Don’t lose another day of gains.

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Версия 1.3.5

Newest iPhones & iPads support.

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4.8 из 5
Оценок: 4

Оценок: 4

Iosfan4life ,

The Tool Every Trader Needs!

This app is great! It can draw almost every trend line for you instantly! It can save you so much time! There is no other app that has the settings and abilities like this app has. These tools are some of the most powerful that I have seen on any other app!
I really wish that the resolution was updated for the iPhone X and newer iPhones, but this app is still the app you need to become successful!

Akshayagg ,

Excellent app

Thanks for making excellent app with highly accurate signal blow my mind away,I am doing trading for 15 years but this app will give you real stock. Buy and sell signal,highly recommended and thanks for developer to make this happen



I had heard about the Kalman filter (a fancy moving average) from electronics experience, but when I emailed Igor about the Heiken Ashi trend indicating technique he immediately incorporated it into the app and I had to buy the app. It gives very good signals in the weekly bar mode if you are doing more casual trading. Also, the Laguerre algorythm if tuned right can give very near the same signals Heiken Ashi. In the custom signal a 5 and 34 simple moving average will, I heard, give an Elliot wave type response.


7 МБ

Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



Rated 4+
© 2014, Igor Vlasov
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