Kanban is a Japanese organisational strategy that boosts your productivity. It consists of dividing all your tasks in three separate stages: To-Do, Doing and Done. Items move from a stage to the following one until you have completed them.

Kanbango brings the power of Kanban to your iOS device:

- CREATE your To-Do items, and move them to Doing and Done so you can keep track of them until their completion

- CATEGORISE items in different areas of interest by creating projects

- ADD DETAILS such as due dates or durations to each item, so that you can always know what you should start working on next

- ACCESS THE STATS VIEW to obtain relevant insights regarding how much time you spend working, and in which days you are most productive

Kanbango also comes with the Kanbango Cloud, a web service that lets you share your projects with other Kanbango users, and work together. Items modified or marked as Done on one device will auto-magically be updated on all the devices sharing the project.

Kanbango is free to use, and at this time there is no charge or subscription required to use any of the features.


バージョン 1.2

The 'All Good Things Must Come to An End' update is here. :((

We regret to inform you that Kanbango has been retired effective February 17th, 2020. Cloud services have been removed from this version of the app. You can keep using Kanbango, but no support will be provided for newer iOS versions, and some things might break in the future. We recommend that you switch to another to-do app when feasible. Thank you for your support.

- Removed project sharing features that relied on cloud services
- Removed analytics and crash reporting tools
- Added support for iOS 13 Dark Mode
- Performance improvements





Kanban Plus

Just what I was looking for! Simple to use and understand ( unlike Trello) -clean interface and being a visual A.D.D type person I love the color coding with bright happy colors and the reminders. Keeps me on track with individual projects and better than just a plain old to do lists This is the best Kanban app to me!


Thanks :)


Easy and Fun

I’ve been using this app for a month now and I love it! It works, it’s easy to use, and has simplified my complex world. Thanks for creating something simple and powerful that I can organize both my home life and my business on!


Simple and Well Made

This is a great app! No added fluff like Trello or Asana - just a simple board for personal project management. Don’t change!


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