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La aplicación Kindle permite a los usuarios leer ebooks a través de una bonita e intuitiva interfaz. También te permite leer tus libros desde un móvil, tablet o e-reader Kindle, mientras Amazon Whispersync sincroniza automáticamente la página en la que te quedaras, así como tus marcadores, notas y subrayados, para que retomes la lectura donde la dejaste.

¿Qué te ofrece?:
· Muestras gratuitas de cualquier libro
· Títulos populares de ficción, novelas y libros de texto con imágenes de alta resolución a color disponibles listos para descubrir y descargar mediante compra directa o suscripciones a Kindle Unlimited
· Una experiencia personalizable que te permite elegir, entre otras cosas, entre 10 fuentes, el tamaño de la fuente, el espacio entre líneas y la alineación del texto
· Funcionalidades únicas como X-Ray, Whispersync, Print Replica (libros idénticos a los impresos) o tarjetas flash, entre otras
· Definiciones al instante sin abandonar la página
· Una experiencia de lectura cómoda que te permite ajustar el brillo de la pantalla y el color de las páginas
· Capacidad de subrayado en las páginas
· Acceso a una biblioteca local de ebooks
· Lectura de una página al lado de la otra y toma de notas
· Capacidad para exportar notas
· Compatibilidad con "Texto a voz" en dispositivos con Mac OS X 10.10 o superior
· Es compatible con la vista dividida en dispositivos con Mac OS X 10.11 o superior


Versión 1.30

Kindle para Mac 1.30: Esta actualización incluye algunas mejoras de estabilidad y soluciones a errores.

Valoraciones y reseñas

1.9 de 5
1.4 mil valoraciones

1.4 mil valoraciones


Re-download EVERY book individually after replacing disk

So, I replaced my hard drive. Very simple to do, backup and restore using SuperDuper. Kindle app starts, shows me my library (every volume Downloaded), but any book I try to read in my library, Kindle says “Preparing your book”, followed by “The book could not be opened. Please remove the book from your device and redownload it.” Apart from it being an utter waste of time to re-download every book (one by one), what if I had been somewhere with no internet service? And, “remove the book from your device and redownload”. What an utterly STUPID program. I have to click and click and click and click to get it to do that? Whoever programmed it is only smart enough to display the message? If they know that they need to "remove the book from the library and re-download it", why doesn’t the program just do it? (That is what is called a rhetorical question. The answer is: the program is stupid.) No wonder this app has two stars in the app store1

pfunk4billion ,


I’ve used Kindle for years and I have always loved it. However, using it on MacOS is frustrating. Seven months ago I purchased a book on Javascript and attempted to work my way through it. With no input from me whatsoever, the pages jumped forwards or backwards by 2-8 pages. I didn’t click anything, I didn’t hit any keys. Then I would have to go back and find the page I was on. Clicking to find the page would also result in it going much further than I intended it to. So then I’d have to go back the other way. Then sometimes that would go too far. Then I’d get it right and halfway through the page it would start doing it again. Unfortunately, I forgot about that experience and, being busy with work, didn’t have time for Kindle until recently. When I ordered another book, this time on Python, it was the same wretched experience. I gave up on it a few times, then came back because I already paid for the book and was determined to get through it. Then I’d give up again. It is infuriating to try to learn something while your app can’t stay on the intended page and 2/3 of your learning time is getting annoyed and fighting the program just to keep the page. I hate to buy the books twice because I obviously can only do this with the hard copy now (with the added inconvenience of not having the reference on the screen next to what I’m working on). I love Kindle and Audible and I hate to give it a bad review but on Mac, this app is garbage.

FunkyMnky ,

Finally digital content that is easy to read

This is an impulse review so my opinion may change after awhile. I was thrilled when opening the Kindle book I bought to see how beautifully rendered the text was and the ease of navigating through it. I was about to dock a star since there was an image of a table on a page that was hard to read but found that double clicking the image brings up a larger easier-to-read version. I was weary of buying the book digitally since I did not have a great experience with purchasing magazines in a digital format in the past through other applications, not Kindle. For the magazines, I would have to zoom in on the text in order to read it and use the scrollbar to get across the whole page. The flaw with the magazine format was presenting the left and right pages at the same time so by default it was zoomed out to fit both pages on the screen at the same time thus making the text small and blurred. It was lacking a single page flip format like this Kindle app does for the digital book I bought. So far I’m impressed.


93.8 MB

OS X 10.10 o posterior, procesador de 64 bits


Español, Alemán, Chino simplificado, Francés, Inglés, Italiano, Japonés, Portugués



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