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Knots 3D - Ata, desata y gira 151 nudos distintos con tus dedos en 3D!

Knots 3D te hará ver los nudos de una perspectiva totalmente nueva y distinta! ¿Has pensado alguna vez en cómo se ve un nudo en 3D? ¡Utiliza tu dedo para hacer girar cada nudo y verlo en cualquier ángulo, del frente a la parte posterior y viceversa!

Elije de entre 151 nudos y ve cómo están amarrados en increíble detalle. Podrás ver los nudos dibujarse automáticamente o bien utilizar tus dedos para amarrar y desamarrar el nudo con gestos táctiles.

Características del producto y funciones

- Aprende a atar 151 nudos comunes
- Localizado en: holandés, francés, alemán, italiano, coreano, español, ruso, danés, chino, portugués, japonés, sueco, turco, hebreo, noruego, polaco e inglés!
- Control de dibujo en cámara lenta
- Visualización de nudos en pantalla completa
- Marcadores para crear una lista de nudos favoritos
- Busca nudos por categoría o clasificación
- Ve cómo se amarra un nudo automáticamente y pausa la animación a tu gusto
- Gira los nudos en 3D de 360 grados para verlos desde todo ángulo
- Interactúa con el nudo en pantalla por medio de gestos multitoque y desliza para amarrar y desamarrar.

Cada nudo 3D contiene información de referencia que incluye consejos de amarre, fuerza, sostenibilidad, información estructural e incluso la historia tras algunos nudos.

Los nudos están ordenados por Categorías (navegación, escalada, pesca, scouts, etc) y clase (vuelta, lazo, tope, etc).

Lista completa nudo:


Versión 7.5.1

- minor updates and fixes to histories, synonyms and translations

- 7 new knots (152 total): Portuguese Bowline, Spanish Bowline, Becket Hitch, Becket Hitch (slipped), Pitzen Knot, Double Dragon Loop, Figure Nine Loop
- Added Czech translation
- Minor fixes/updates to descriptions, histories, synonyms and translations

UI/UX Improvements including:
- Dark/Light Mode
- Search from main screen
- Accessibility - Respect system setting for font size
- Better text wrapping
- RTL language improvements (Arabic and Hebrew)
- Speed slider change starts animation if not already started
- List does not reset when setting a favorite
- Added continuous animation setting
- Added swipe sensitivity setting
- Option to show counts in tab bar

We've been busy making the best knot app better! Many of the knot models have been upgraded with the following improvements:
- 8, 16, and 24 strand rope with dozens of new photorealistic textures and patterns
- More realistic metal rings, wood poles, carabiners, fish hooks, etc
- Shadows!
- Smoother animations

If you like the changes, please leave us a review and let us know!

Valoraciones y reseñas

4,9 de 5
2,3 mil valoraciones

2,3 mil valoraciones


The best way to learn a new knot!

I’ve been fascinated with knots since I was a Cub Scout, some 60+ years ago. I still have my first Boy Scout Manual and the only hand notation, in the table of contents, is the word Knots. That’s first thing I wanted to learn, how to tie a good knot.
Knots 3D is the first application I bought, when I got my first iPhone, many years ago. I can’t give you a date, but as I recall, it was around 2011 and there were only about 70 knots in the application, at that time. Now, there’s 126 and I expect that number will continue to slowly increase. I have a large, hard bound copy, of the Ashley Book of Knots and it is an excellent reference, but for most of my needs, for the last several years, Knots 3D has been my go to source for learning, and teaching others, how to tie a good knot. I absolutely love the 3D renderings, in Knots 3D and I consider it to be the very best way to learn a knot. I have gifted this app to many of my friends and family members and will continue to do so.
So, if you want to learn how to tie a good knot, in my opinion this is the best source you’ll ever find.

ktmfactoryrider ,

I Can-Knot tell a lie, This is the best App for Knot-heads!

I really love this application. I've owned this since 2012 and they have done nothing but made it better. It really is the best application to learn about different knots and how to tie them. Because of the ability to slow down and speed up the actual building of the knot, even if you're not very fast at tying knots you can keep up with the example. It also has examples of knots that you really can use and you want to use. Sailors need to know this information and this is the best place to get it, also it you have ever tied down stuff in a trailer, you need it too! I have built almost every knot listed but there are a couple that I still can't tie but it's no fault of the app. 😊 When I first got this it had about forty knots, now there are over one-hundred and twenty. But don't take it from me, just take a look at the reviews for this application. I don't remember ever seeing a program with reviews like this, I mean this baby really rocks!

thepopeswife09 ,

THE Best Knotting App

I'm a macramè artist, and while I'm proficient with all the knots I "need" for this purpose, I'm also fascinated by all the practical and safety uses of knots. Despite being staunch that "I-will-not-pay-for-apps", the solid reviews and impressive preview images prompted me to take a chance and fork out the $1.99 for this one. After purchasing, I am far more impressed than I thought possible. The history, practical uses, alternate names, and especially the incredible interactive 3-D graphic animation make it totally worth every penny. I especially love that I can control the speed of the animation. Highly recommend, even to those with only a casual interest in knot tying (but is an incredible resource for the more serious ones as well.) Five thumbs up. 👍👍👍👍👍

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