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You can discover sightseeing spots and routes in Kyoto recommended by AI.

This app is an AI app that supports tourists visiting Kyoto city and Miyazu city.
For tourists who have a place they want to go but don't know which route to take, or for people who want to discover tourist spots that they like, AI will propose sightseeing spots and routes recommended by them.
Based on the photo data uploaded to SNS, etc., the AI presents recommended spots in Kyoto and a route that takes into account transportation methods, conditions, degree of congestion, and playfulness.

How to enjoy the app (main functions)
● AI (artificial intelligence) recommends courses based on photos
From the 10 photos randomly displayed by AI, we will suggest recommended spots based on your favorite degree.
When you select the spot you want to visit, you can see the recommended route.

● AI (artificial intelligence) recommends courses from spots
Please tap the tourist spot you want to visit from the spots on the map.
When you press the "Add to route" button, the recommended way (route) for the selected sightseeing spot will be displayed on the map.
When you tap a tourist spot on the map, you can see high-quality and representative photos selected by AI.

Please see the graph of the number of photos by time period and the scenic beauty score estimated using the deep learning method.
Why don't you discover and experience the new charm of the place from the time and spot where many photos are taken?

●Standard course departing from and arriving at Kyoto Station
You can see the standard course that takes about 2 hours from Kyoto Station.

● KoI news
At any time, you can view local event information provided by Kyoto residents.

●Facilities/evacuation sites
You can see a list of various facilities based on Kyoto City open data, such as evacuation sites, parks, and children's centers.


バージョン 2.0.0

In February 2023, we upgraded and integrated the functions of the previous “KoI Service” and “Kyoto Tourist Map 2.0” respectively.
In addition, we have made it possible for you to see tourist information not only for Kyoto City, but also for Miyazu City.



Data Not Linked to You

The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:

  • Location



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