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4.7 out of 5
290 Ratings

290 Ratings

bobturtlesmom ,

Really the best!

Having tried several apps in my Spanish learning adventure, I feel confident in saying this IS the best. It actually is a game. You get immersed in strengthening your beasts, building your bestiary, winning battles, clan wars, beating other players, teachers and the instruction, collecting and mindfully spending coins, potions and treasure chests. In order to strengthen your character and beasts, you answer Spanish questions. The goal becomes the prize, and you forget you are being exposed over and over to the repetition of Spanish necessary in learning a language. Good mix of words, phrases, numbers, sentences and idioms. Reading, speaking, multiple choice allow you to hit all the different components of language learning. No, you do not have to start at “Hola” if you have some Spanish under your belt: you test to see where you can be placed to be challenged but enough review to get in to the game. Actually, give it 30 minutes and you will be into it. HINT: Choose a good, strong, clever and fun name for yourself before you start!

Boombostic131 ,

So much potential

At first I absolutely love this game, but then I realize there was one critical issue. One of the daily quests requires that you explore a new area and in order to explore a new area you have to advance your vocabulary (add new words/challenges). This is perfectly fine if you’re someone who already knows Spanish or possibly someone who is trying to refresh their skills but if you’re someone like me that has no knowledge of the language then this gamification is going to either have you not making progress and therefore feeling like are failing your daily requirements or you are going to push yourself too far too quickly (like I did) and end up overwhelmed with a ton of vocabulary that you don’t know. I messaged support about this and suggested they remove that one daily requirement but it’s been months and it’s still there. Also, if you have something happen in life that takes you away from the game and you lose a bit of your skills/knowledge there’s no way to drop yourself down and work on previous lessons so once again you’re trying to learn a LOT of vocabulary at once. I was enjoying this game and was going to purchase the $60 annual membership but since they can’t fix this one major issue I can’t recommend this game, which is sad because this has a LOT of potential. Gamification is suppose to be motivational but instead it’s forcing you to progress at a pace that might not fit you.

Developer Response ,

In daily quests there is an orange button that says "Switch" here there are different settings. Switch advance to 0 and you won't be forced to advance and can stay at your current level while completing daily quests.

K.C. Pepper ,

Best app for learning I’ve ever used!

I had the flu and was stuck in bed for a week and a half, and played this most of the time till I graduated from the “institution”. I finally feel like I understand the basic patterns of spanish! My fiancé’s native language is spanish so I’ve been trying to learn, but its difficult to speak to someone when you have less comprehension than a baby in that language. It was a slow and frustrating process...until this past week! He’s surprised that I’m suddenly understanding how to use cases, numbers, and past, present, and future. I just wish there were other languages or subjects with this set up, it’s so easy to learn something when you’re addicted to it!

Developer Response ,

Wow! Amazing story. This was the image I had for the app when I first created it! And I am still working on making it a lot better.

Bzpancake ,

Fun addition to language learning

I really like the game style and I use it in addition to other types of learning - class and other apps. The cost is fairly cheap compared to other language learning apps and I’m very impressed that a game like this is actually fun to play. It crashes every once in a while, but not in the middle of activities, usually just when clicking to switch tabs, so it’s not too big of a deal. I love that there are so many different things to do without it being overwhelming. The different ways to play by using the map, town, etc structure helps to keep it all organized in a really cool way.

suericci ,

I’m actually learning Spanish

Love this app because it’s fun and it makes me think faster than any other app. The way it is beneficial for me to be quicker with coming up with the words has helped me so much more in comprehension. I really want to get my son and his school into this as well but he really needs to feel like he is challenging me directly - hope that feature is coming soon! FYI- I heard on reddit you do this on your free time well thanks. In addition, don’t worry about the graphics and the sophistication of the game - it’s simple and it’s motivating. Your target audience does not care about the best UI they want to learn the language in a fun way.

Developer Response ,

Glad you are enjoying it! So in the next version you will be able to challenge anybody in your class to practice arena battles using the same level beasts or your current ones. So hopefully he will be able to challenge you that way. Thanks for the feedback, I will try to focus on those things.

datalore1 ,

Very useful and fun with a few glitches

This game has helped me learn more words and be able to use them actively. My only issue is with the trapping beasts section. It's very difficult to explore an area because it takes about 50 times to tap an area to select it to open the fight. Also, a couple of times when I have set traps, they disappear and I'm told that I have no traps, and no animal appears even though the trapping sound effect plays. I've lost some traps this way. Overall, I really enjoy this game, and how it makes learning easy.

Edit: I just reached level six! I'd love for the game to go on and I can't wait :) I like how it's designed like an actual game, and it's not flipping through flash cards until one dies of boredom


Developer Response ,

Thanks for reporting the bugs. I'll look into it and see what's causing the problem. Yeah I am planning to add in 2 more levels pretty soon.

Preed96 ,

This app has helped my Spanish

I have been using LangLandia for the past three years. Excellent vocabulary and grammar training . I am looking forward to seeing the speech recognition portion of the app improve ( Beta testing ) at this time. I wish there was a way that I could save all my past errors rather than just taking screen shots or scrolling through previous percentages. The developer/ developers have been quick to help with any concerns. I would highly recommend this app to any level of Spanish language learner. Muchas gracias, Preed aka Queen Isabella

Developer Response ,

Glad you are enjoying. Definitely planning more levels and a lot more vocabulary.

Edit: You can actually see the last questions you got incorrect by going to Learn & Play > Training > Last Incorrect. There you can see the last incorrect you had and practice them. Also doing the Worst and Slowest categories will automatically train you on your worst words.
Edit: I was thinking about adding maybe a section to see what you last got wrong, but maybe a past errors section could be interesting. I will write down that idea!

Turtlebarf11 ,

Great app to learn spanish and have fun!

I’m in love with this app! I have always been struggling to learn spanish in school. But then I found this app. This app makes learning spanish so fun. The visuals and game mechanics are spot on. You don’t even realize that you are learning while your playing a game. The game is really fun and it makes you fully immersed really fast. I love how you can use the spanish skills you learn to advance your character in game. I definitely recommend this app to anyone who wants to have fun and learn spanish at the same time.

SoloBeard29 ,

I Like The Concept

I was surprised by the concept of this Spanish learning app. When the description mentioned game I expected screen swiping, this however is much like Pokémon!

What I really like is the app does not let you cheat, or let you off the hook. For language learning... as much as I hate it one needs repetition. Thus you don’t pass to the next level until you firmly know the material.

One feature that I found to be very helpful is the background story described in Spanish, you highlight words and they translate to English. So you can progressively “unlock word by word or phrase by phrase” to learn as much as possible without seeing the whole answer. Great idea!!

Developer Response ,

Hey, glad you are enjoying the game. I am actually about to add 3 more books to the game as it seems to be a favorite. Just curious what you think is missing to give it a 5 star rating? I am trying to improve the game and any feedback would be helpful. If you could email me at

Gdjsmsjsjsjjdjdjj ,

If you have ADHD and struggle to learn language

This app is for you! I’ve actually started taking people up on their offer to practice my spanish with them. Ive never been able to do vocab drills or sentence drills with consistency. Mi español es mucho mejor que hubiera sido sin langlandia . Soy muy muy agradecida.

Edit: after taking almost a year off i came back to the game for a month and tested out of the furst half of the duolingo spanish tree. And im not even finished the fluency road lessons. This app really works! 🙌🏾