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Lapse It is an award-winning time lapse and stop motion creator, it includes a powerful camera and advanced image sequence editor. Check all these features you will love.


• Featured on the English TV Show "The Gadget Show"

• You can watch a great video review at


Lapse It is intuitive and simple to use, you will be able to capture and edit your time-lapse or stop-motion projects powered by unique features available in your device.
No need for expensive photography equipment, you just need Lapse It.


• Create time lapse and stop motion projects using the full potential of your device

• Import multiple images and videos from multiple sources to compose a new project using many editing tools

• Instant preview and fast export of your compositions creating gorgeous UHD 4K+ videos


• Capture sequences of pictures using powerful camera and timings features.

• Camera can be easily adjusted to capture images using all the powerful features your device has to offer.

• Include capturing in HDR ( High Dynamic Range ), GPS ( Location ), RAW ( Unprocessed image ), Depth ( 3D Map ), Bracket ( Multiple instant shots )

• Schedule a time for the capture to start automatically

• Define when the capture should stop ( after a number of frames or a time length )

• Manual camera controls for exposure, focus, ISO and white balance

• Remote live access to the captured images while recording using iCloud

• Zoom can be adjusted over time while recording including remotely using Apple Watch

• Stop motion mode with extra features: onion skin ( previous image as 'ghost' for the next ) and touch-less capture using sound ( for example a 'clap' )

• Resume previous captures for multiple days recording or to continue a project on a different location

• Other options are low-lightning mode, color space, image format, onion skin and grid


• Play and export sequences of images as videos including advanced editor tools

• Define the duration of your time lapse with millisecond precision, easily making it play slower or faster

• Stylize your compositon choosing from the unique 50 stunning filters, including the miniaturization tilt-shift effect

• Image color post-processing controls for saturation, brightness, contrast, opacity, blur and more

• Duplicate or exclude single or a range of images and just export the shots that are perfect

• The order of the images that compose can be changed and easily time reversed

• Every frame that compose your video is editable and exportable as single image

• Advanced render modes include customized resolution, frame rate, bitrate and format ( H.264 MP4 or H.265 HEIC )

• Share directly to Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and many others

• Add multiple audio tracks for a more immersive result, use any song from your Music library or any MP3 or WAVE using Files, search from a free music online catalog, there is even a voice recorder included, that will serve for multiple purposes


• The only time lapse and stop motion app that you will ever need

• Image sequence real time lapse and not just accelerated videos

• Video tutorials are included so you learn to make use of all the features

• Can use all the cameras on your device and captures from multiple cameras at once

• Real-time capture information on the screen during capture

• No restrictions for capture length or frames

• Tested and approved by more than 10.000.000 people with 4.5+ rating

• Some features may just available on the Professional version



Time Lapse is a photography technique that gives an accelerated view of slowly changing events.

Events such as movement of clouds, the rising and setting of the sun, animal life, a party with your friends, even individual activities like drawing or playing sports or anything else that you can imagine.

Subscription terms and conditions:


Versión 5.02


• Support for capturing images in 4K Ultra High Definition ( 3840x2160 pixels )

• New camera modes including RAW, HDR, Depth Map, Location.

• RAW will capture images without any post-processing maintaining the full quality and editing possibilities.

• Depth Map will generate a 3D map of the scene, you can use different effects for what is on the front or in the background.

• Bracket mode will capture multiple shots using different exposures at once.

• Location will collect the GPS information for every captured image, can be used to generate a moving map of the recorded scene.

• Presets can be created for your favorite camera configurations and used later on different ocasions.

• Schedule a capture to start in a future time.

• Support for the newest cameras available on modern devices.

• Save your captures directly to iCloud so you can use the images in real time without having to move the capturing device.

• Support for the modern image format HEIC that uses less space in disk maintaning quality.

It also includes: low lightning boost, image stabilization, color space and more.


• Import any video or image sequence captured with your iOS device or any other camera.

• Projects now support multiple segments, each with it's own configuration for effects and other settings.

• Image frames can now be easily exported using different methods including AirDrop, useful if you captured with your iOS device and want edit your project on the Mac for example.

• Duplicate or split your captures in multiple parts, exclude a single frame or a range of frames that are not useful for your project.

• Animate effects over time like a professional video editor.

• Professional color grading features including animatable saturation, brightness, constrant, opacity and blur.

• Multiple soundtrack supporting audio files from any source using Files or from your music library.

• Include a voice recorder so you can add a voice-over to your projects.

• Thousands of soundtracks you can use in your projects for free, included advanced search for content on Jamendo.

• Modern render engine using Metal ( Apple most advanced image processing for your device ). Previews now are in real-time and exporting is super fast.


• New friendly and intuitive interface, you can do more than professional photographers ever could in a very simple and easy way.

• Lapse It is now available for Mac, you can edit your projects with the full power of this machine.

• How to use video tutorials demonstrate all the features so you can make the most use of Lapse It.

Valoraciones y reseñas

3,4 de 5
1,1 mil valoraciones

1,1 mil valoraciones

CleverNameGoesHere ,

I love it but...

Most any feature that I can think of is included in the app, however, a few are hard to find/discover that they exist.
My only current criticism for the actual usage of the app is with the time stamp option. You can either have time/date displayed or not. I don’t want the date displayed with the time. I know the day, I only want the time displayed. Please give an option so that only the time appears for the time stamp, not the date.
The reason for the stars: The app deserves 5 stars but I can’t give it. I just cannot give any subscription based app 5 stars. $4.99 per year is actually one of the more reasonable subscriptions but I LOATHE subscription based apps! I want to support the developers with a one time payment, I’d pay up to $8 USD once for this app. $4.99 per year is too much for me, especially since I doubt I’ll use it enough to warrant that kind of fee. I’m extremely sick of everything in this day and age being a subscription.

Mason-Herio ,

Can’t save to Camera Roll?

The app so far has worked ok, I got my timelapse I wanted, but when it’s done exporting it says I need to check and make sure the app has permission to access photos and I did that. Multiple times. I have the access set to “Allow access to all photos” and even then it will not save to camera roll. And so I’ve been trying to save it to my files which worked, but then I click on the video and it pulls up the file name and size, etc. I can’t watch the video in the files app. The only way I can watch the video outside of the app, is sending it to someone via text message, and then clicking on the play button while still in the message chat. Not clicking on the video itself or else it will go back to the file name, size, etc. only by clicking the small play button while in the message chat can I view the video outside of the app.

Help please I would like to access the video I created..

Prunella123 ,

Great but a few bugs

I bought Lapse It pro 2 days ago for my iPhone X to shoot time lapse videos of oil paintings in progress. I found a few things out the hard way, like how to resume captures from one day to the next. In that respect it’s pretty sweet, and I love the feature rich UI, ability to adjust lots of settings like zoom, white balance, etc.

A few issues I noticed so far: trying to use the zoom ramping didn’t work for me. It would not save my settings or maybe I was doing something wrong, not sure. Also adding clips together by hitting the + button kept putting things out of order. A clip I try to put at the end of another clip ends up at the beginning, or sometimes duplicated, one on each end. I finally gave up and took the exported video into QuickTime on the Mac to trim the unwanted clip from the end of the movie. I may have to do this several times to finish my project.

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