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LastQuake is a free, mobile application dedicated to alerting populations and gathering testimonies in real-time when an earthquake occurs. Designed by seismologists, LastQuake is the official app of the Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Center (EMSC). Thanks to the participative action of its users, only a few minutes are needed for the EMSC to estimate earthquake effects and notify the population.

[LastQuake is an ad-free app!]

EMSC detects earthquakes using:

∘ Earthquake witnesses, who are the first to feel an earthquake, hence the first informed that an event is happening.

∘ Internet and mobile technologies, which allow rapid information collection of the effects observed by witnesses, who are asked to fill in a questionnaire and share photos and videos.

Want to learn more about our detection system? Watch this video:


Information and communication are cornerstones in preventing risky behaviors. EMSC contributes to the reduction of seismic risk by providing you with:

∘ real-time information

∘ post-earthquake safety tips

∘ SMS service that allows victims to notify their loved ones.


LastQuake is a citizen science project. Your contribution helps refine our understanding of earthquake effects while fostering our support in disaster preparation and response.


∘ Real-time information and data

∘ Customizable notifications (destructive earthquakes, earthquakes near you)

∘ Access to comments, photos, and videos by eyewitnesses

∘ Information-sharing via social media

∘ SMS service to notify loved ones when in the area impacted by an earthquake

∘ Post-earthquake safety tips

** WHAT'S NEW **

∘ Interactive felt map

∘ Customizable notification test

∘ Earthquake notification through voice synthesizer

∘ Copy-paste available for comments

∘ Minor bugs fixed

∘ New languages available: Croatian, Czech, Bosnian, Montenegrin, Hebrew


EMSC is an international non-profit scientific NGO founded in 1975. Based in France, EMSC federates data from the seismological observatories of 86 institutes from 57 countries. While operating a real-time earthquake information service, EMSC advocates for public participation in scientific research. Its core product, LastQuake, paves the way for innovative approaches to building more disaster-resilient communities, making EMSC among the pioneers of disaster apps dedicated to earthquakes and tsunamis.


Version 2.5.4

* minor bug fixed

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1,8 k notes

93838383 ,

Awesome earthquake app, one of the best out there!

This app is definitely one of the best out there! Every time a significant earthquake occurs, this app will almost immediately add it to their database! Not only that, but the app allows users to submit “felt reports”, in which users who have felt the quake can report their experiences, such as how it felt like and what kind of effects the earthquake caused (damages and such). I find that feature amazing. Also, if the earthquake was strong enough to cause a potential tsunami, this app links you to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center’s website, so you can assess the risk!

These are just some of the features you can find on the app. Overall, it’s an amazing app, and you should definitely download it if you live in an earthquake prone area, or even if you are just interested by earthquakes in general.

Thank you EMSC for your service!

Réponse du développeur ,

What could I add to such a review! Just thank you for your appreciation

AngieMcMac ,

Awesome App

It’s a great app that allows people to post what they felt when they felt it. People never fails to amaze me that they feel the need to pipe up and post that they didn’t feel a thing, or never heard it, as if trying to say the earthquake never happened or was nothing, these “people” all live 100 to 200 miles away from it. apparently they have never actually looked at the app and realize that their location in miles is also posted along with their comment,Other than these “people” it’s a great app. AngieMcMac

Réponse du développeur ,

Thanks Angie for your nice comment. For us as seismologists, it is essential to understand all reactions to earthquake in order to take them into account in public communication. Stay safe

AlaskaBarb ,

Great App

Living in a state which has an average of 20,000+ temblors with at least one one 7.0+ annually, I check ESRI almost as frequently as my favorite weather app. The info on their site is updated quickly, and they encourage people to share their experiences and photos. It’s always an interesting read, how differently others nearby have perceived the same event, possibly based on local substrates - bedrock, gravel, clay, and permafrost. Recommend highly.

Réponse du développeur ,

Thank you for your nice words and stay safe

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