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This is the best application for those who want to learn Russian!

We bring you yet another Russian language app to help you learn color names in Russian. The Learn Color Names in Russian app helps you learn and use colors in your everyday conversation. This beautifully designed app comes with fun and easy exercises which the user can use to learn Russian and check Russian language skills.

This handy app will help you learn names of colors in Russian, which will improve your communication in Russian. If you are planning to visit Russia for work or leisure, you must learn Russian language basics. The basics of a particular language of any country or region will help you to communicate better with the people there. This amazing iOS app can serve as your starting point to learn Russian.

Most people often get intimated by the idea of learning a new language. It is often considered a difficult task to learn Russian, however, with the advancement in technology and learning techniques, learning a new language has become easier than ever before. This app is one the easiest ways to learn Russian language.

With the help of this Learn Color Names in Russian app, it is now easy and quick to learn names of colors in the Russian language. You no longer have to go to a language school to learn Russian language basics because this app will significantly help to learn Russian and improve your listening, reading, and writing skills of the Russian language.

After learning color names, you get to finish the exercises to test what you have learned in this app. This will take you only a few days; you just have to spend a couple of hours every day until you have memorized the color names.

Highlights of Learn Color Names in Russian app:
- You will hear the correct pronunciation from a native Russian speaker
- Names of colors are given in both Russian and English
- High-quality images are given for all colors
- To listen to the native speaker, you can click on any color image
- You will learn the correct spelling of color names in the Russian as well as English
- Step by step learning approach for easy learning
- Complete exercises to check you Russian language skills
- This is a free and offline app, which you can use anytime, anywhere
- All iOS mobile devices support this app

This Learn Color Names in Russian is the best app to learn Russian language. It will allow you to repeat each color name as many times as you like until you thoroughly learn them. The clear voice of a Russian native speaker will serve as your guide to correctly pronounce each color name.

DOWNLOAD this app and learn color names NOW!


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