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I’ve been searching for the perfect Mnemonica app for a long time, something that was engaging, made me want to learn, and something that actually worked. So, after wasting time and money on other apps I decided to make my own, built with everything I wanted that the other apps simply did not provide.


The Ultimate Mnemonica Trainer is not actually a “trainer”… it is a game. I realized I liked playing games on my phone and I was compelled to finish these games because of their addicting nature. If I could make learning Mnemonica as addicting as these games I felt that I would be more likely to stick with it... and I was right!


You start out on Level 1 which presents you with a card, 4 possible answers as to what number in the stack the card is, 3 lives, and 30 seconds. Each time you match the card with the correct number you get a point.

(As you go on to different levels the questions change format... read below)

13 Points to move to the next level and you get 1 star
16 Points is 2 stars
18 Points is 3 stars


The game is broken up into 7 stages with 8 levels each:

Stage 1: Cards 1- 13
Stage 2: Cards 14-26
Stage 3: Cards 1- 26
Stage 4: Cards 27-39
Stage 5: Cards 39- 52
Stage 6: Cards 27-52
Stage 6: Cards 1-52

This is because breaking Mnemonica into bite sized chunks will maximize your ability to learn it quickly and retain the knowledge.


Each stage has 8 levels, each with a different way to learn the stack. When you mix up how to learn this accomplishes two things…

1. It keeps you interested
2. It prepares you for real world situations


These are the basic “what card is what number” and “what number is what card” multiple choice questions. If you get an answer wrong it will show you what the right answer is. Using this method, if you have never looked at the Mnemonica stack before, you will be able to memorize each set in about 15-20 minutes. These levels are perfect for learning the basics.


Other trainers gave you the option to choose what number is what card and what card is what number… In real world scenarios you need to know what comes after and what comes before a card on the bottom or the top of the deck. So Three levels are dedicated to just having you answer what comes next or what comes before. These levels are perfect for cementing the basics and improving speed.


At this point our minds start to get used to multiple choice. In the real world there we do not get 4 options to choose from, we have to KNOW what number the card is. On this level you there is no multiple choice, you type in the number the card shown is.


Level 8 mixes all of the techniques together to test your mastery of the stage.


If you get 3 stars on every level, I guarantee that you will have mastered Mnemonica to the point where you don’t even have to think “what number is this card” or “what is after the 3 of hearts” when you are performing in the real world. You will just know…

You do need to login to this app.
This is because your game progress is backed up in the cloud. This protects you from losing your game progress due to app updates, new phones, etc. This also helps me troubleshoot, or unlock levels if requested.

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4.7 out of 5
70 Ratings

70 Ratings

Bill lhotta ,


I had previously learned the Tameriz stack about 10 years ago but hadn’t practiced with it so I was quite rusty. This app is a great way to get the stack down cold and I love the challenging game like interface it uses. It’s FUN! It did take me 10 hours to get through all the levels with 3 stars on each level but my command of the stack is now back and better than it ever was before. For me, getting 3 stars in each of the Level 6s was the hardest. I just wish this app had been available 10 years ago because it would have been so much easier and quicker to learn the stack with the help of this app. I hope the app developer keeps this app updates because I would hate to lose it as a training tool if it loses compatibility with any future IOS updates. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

e magicman ,


Loved it and then it got updated and crashed. I reached out to the developer and within an hour he had gotten back to me and fixed the issue. It is a great app for cementing the stack in your head and if you work to get 3 stars on every level you will have instant recall for any card, it’s position, what comes before and after. If you really want to learn either the Tamariz or Aronson stack I cannot recommend this app enough. Really well done.

Developer Response ,

Hi Ethan I believe I resolved the issue via email. Should be fixed now! If you have any other problems or questions send me an email to

Royghfjdmjjjs ,

Simply not worth buying, Even if free its a terrible way to learn.

I would love to change my review from 1 star to 5 stars however I cannot do this in good faith because:
1:1 If this can be updated with a difficulty selection I think this can be a good app for beginners.
1:2 I have learned 5 languages (Not memorized but actually learned them) I can say with 100% certainty that using a fast timer is a terrible way of learning this stack.
1:3 As this app is setup I would only Recommend this to someone who knows the stack by heart first. The before and after are important however They should not be timed.
I don't mind that I wasted money however I have wasted so much time so I purchased Mnemonica Trainer from penguin magic to learn the stack. In a few hours I have learned the stack using a nicer system. I have no use for an app in this state.
1: This is really hard, Even if you know the stack the timer is too fast, there should be an easy and hard mode.
2: Why Rush me? Learning is not all about speed. I did not buy this as a game to play I sincerely wanted to learn the stack and 1 week later I am still on level 1 I simply memorized the first 13 cards and the levels are locked so this app is now completely useless to me. Learning takes time however I believe without the timer I would be on stage 2 at least.

Developer Response ,

Hi Roy, thank you for your feedback and also for your email. I have not responded as it is a holiday weekend, but now that you have left this review I guess I will just respond here.

You have quite a lot in here and in the email and I’d like to address a few of your comments. First you said you purchased it and did not like that it was a game. This app is specifically designed as a game, it’s marketed as a game, and the gamification aspect is what seems to compel people to keep it up. There are other apps out there that let you cycle through the stack at your own pace, with no timer, you might want to choose one of those. This learning method is not for everyone, no learning method is one size fits all. I found that these apps did not prepare me for real world use and did not keep me engaged enough by providing no challenge or incentive to keep going.

Second, you mention in your email that you do not like timers and you get nervous when under pressure despite knowing the right answer sometimes. This app again is marketed that there is a timer, it is part of what tests your ability and helps you learn / solidify memorization of the stack. If you ever plan on performing this in front of people you will absolutely be under pressure, more pressure than a 30 second timer. This app prepares you for the real world experience of performing. Being that in your email you said that was not your intention, I do not think this app is for you, I also am not sure what the intention is of learning the stack?

Also in regards to the timers, you should not necessarily be trying to beat the level, instead practice beating your current record. Progressing getting 1 right ... then 2 right... etc. Don’t focus on speed, ignore the timer at first, and concentrate on accuracy. You will find that your score will gradually grow and your retention of the card and position will exponentially dramatically increase.

Lastly the difficulty of getting x right to pass each level is there to guarantee that you learn the stack. I cannot guarantee perfect recollection of the stack of the game was easier. Hundreds of people have used this app, received 3 stars on every level, and now have instant recall of the stack.

I hope that you will give the app another shot, as I promise if you do complete all the levels you will be able to recall the stack instantly and perfectly. You may want to revisit it as you said after you have learned it using another method and use the app to solidify your knowledge and improve your recollection speed.

I hope this helps, also you can request a refund through Apple. As a dev I have no control over the refund process.

Happy holidays to you and your family!


55.9 MB

Requires iOS 9.2 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



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