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LEGAL SUPPORT 24/7 - mobile application for emergent call to a lawyer was developed at the request of LS GROUP legal company; it works at any time of day across Ukraine and abroad.
Registered users enjoy the whole range of functions of the mobile application, and the most important among them is the option of an emergent call to a lawyer. Registration is carried out by the Company’s operator or by a user independently.
If an authorized user presses ‘Call to lawyer’ button, an alarm mode activates and the application submits the information on the user’s location to the server.
Geolocation data make it possible for a lawyer to arrive to the required place, identify the user’s location in cases when his/her telephone was taken away, lost or may not be used.
Moreover, a user can record a voice message for the operator, which is automatically sent to the LS GROUP server too.
Accidental pressing of the all-clear button, collapsing of the mobile application on the smartphone or even loss of the gadget or control over it neither deactivates the alarm mode nor ceases tracing of the user’s location, information on which is updated every 30 seconds.
To deactivate alarm mode a user have to enter his password.
Having downloaded the application, each user gets access to the database of law-enforcement and regulatory authorities of Ukraine and the regions, and to legal recommendations developed by the specialists of LS GROUP legal company as for conduct during search, interrogation, detention and tax audit.
For the purpose of providing emergent assistance across Ukraine and abroad, ‘Settings’ section of the application provides an option for registration of lawyers from the regions (from abroad), to whom LS GROUP legal company will give assignments, via this application, on protection of rights and interests of definite clients (users).
Lawyers are registered by an operator upon receipt of the relevant electronic message from a lawyer containing an abstract from its profile in the Unified Register of Lawyers of Ukraine of the National Association of Lawyers of Ukraine.
Operating LEGAL SUPPORT 24/7 mobile application, the legal company can coordinate activities of the registered lawyers and application users, providing the latter with the timely and competent legal assistance.
The application neither collects nor uses the information on the person’s location until the alarm mode is activated.
All information received and transferred via this application is subject to client-lawyer privilege; it is neither transferred to any third parties nor used for any purposes other than provision of legal assistance.

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Версия 1.01

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Hennadiy Demyanenko
2.6 МБ

Requires iOS 9.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


English, Ukrainian

Rated 4+
Это приложение может использовать данные о Вашей геопозиции, даже если оно закрыто. Возможно сокращение времени работы аккумулятора устройства.
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