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# Iconic
The Legendary 67 revives the spirit of the indeed legendary hp67, one of the first handheld, scientific and programmable calculators.

# Powerful
Calculations are done step-by-step using reverse Polish notation (RPN), which is very similar to calculating with pen and paper. This gives you full control and lets you spot mistakes early rather than later. In addition it is much simpler than using an algebraic calculator while using less keystrokes all at the same time. Last but not least, RPN makes it super easy to create your own programs.

# Programmable
Creating programs is exactly like using the calculator, so there is no need to learn any programming language. Simply put the calculator just records exactly the keys you typed and can replay them on demand. Through a small set of nifty features, like conditions, subroutines and flags a vast set of powerful programs is possible. You can program everything from simple snippets like the Pythagorean theorem, implement matrix algebra and even create games.

# Batteries included
The calculator comes equipped with a handful of useful programs and you can easily create your own. Each program is stored on a virtual magnetic card, with fully customisable labels and descriptions.

# Free
Now the best part, the app is completely free and does not include any advertisements.

# Features:
- scientific RPN calculator (Reverse Polish Notation)
- 4 element deep automatic stack
- 26 storage registers
- over 100 on-key functions
- realistic sounds
- handy descriptions for every single key
- every function is recordable in a program
- loops, conditional execution and subroutines are possible
- programs can hold up to 224 program steps
- 5 programmable keys
- program cards store programs and/or register content
- 16 preinstalled program cards (standard pack)
- unlimited count of custom cards
- cards contain their own description
- program card editor; add custom labels and descriptions
- export and import custom program cards
- export and import via email
- import plain text programs
- import "CuVee Software RPN-67 for iPad" program cards
- print programs via AirPrint
- illustrated manual

Please, feel free to send an email to (, if you have questions or found a bug.

In no event, unless required by applicable law or agreed in writing, shall the author be liable for any loss, expense or damage, of any type or nature arising out of use or inability to use this software application.


Versión 1.7.0

+ While entering a number [h] [DEL] will act as 'backspace', removing the last digit/point.

- Fixes serious bug in the comparison functions.
- Fixes broken images in the manual.
- Fixes crashes while using mean and standard deviation and causing a devision by zero.
- Fixes examples in the manual.
- Restructures manual and updates external links.
- Fixes program printing formatting issues.
- Clarifies 'Annuities and compound amounts' program card explanation.
- Improves program card visuals.
- Makes visual improvements in various other locations.

Valoraciones y reseñas

4.7 de 5
16 valoraciones

16 valoraciones

PowerWizard ,

Thanks for Hp 67 app!

As an old engineer I loved this calculator. When mine died (the rubber mag strip drive wheel got gummy) I moved up to the Hp 48 which was cumbersome to program. I missed the simple keystroke programability of the 67 which I knew so well. It looks like I can resurrect my old 67 programs and run them again. I sincerely appreciate you writing this app and offering it for the free price. You are a true hero to the HP calculator legacy. I am very grateful to you. Thanks again.👍

somelongnicknamethatisnttaken ,

Really nice emulator

The days when I would carry my HP-67 around are over, but with this and my phone I can use it again! Thanks for a wonderful app.

K. J. Doyle ,

Great job!

You made an old engineer very happy. The only thing I really miss is the great key feel. I loved my HP-67 dearly.

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Fabian Fränz
28.6 MB

Requiere iOS 8.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.





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