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Universal Photo Editor with support for Layers, Selection, Masks and of course filters, effects and other tools.

An editor so powerful that you could do almost anything that you thought was possible only on a desktop.

√ True layer support, just like photo editing on desktop.
√ Selection. You can select an area and work with filters and effects only on that area.
√ Layers can be masked. And not just with brush, you get a whole set of mask editing tool.
√ Layers support all that a true layer app should. Blending, Opacity, Transform, Duplicate, Merge and flatten.
√ The app is so fast that most of the operations are real time. You don't have to wait while adjusting the sliders.
√ Handles Exif, IPTC, Geotag etc. You can even edit Geotag and IPTC.
√ Exports PSD with layers. And of course exports JPEG and PNG too.
√ Copy/Paste with selections and masks.
√ Undo/Redo.
√ Powerful filters you will hardly find on many other apps.
√ 25 preset photo effects.
√ Tools like Crop, Straighten, Clone stamp, color gradient, paint brush, red eye brush and add text etc.
√ You can save your projects with all layers and selections preserved and work on them back and forth.
√ 18 video tutorials.
√ Resolution up to 4096x4096 on iPad3 and above and on iPhone max resolution is equal to the resolution of the built-in camera.

And yes, it runs on both iPhone and iPad.

Note that reduce noise filter is available only on iPhone 5 and iPad3 and above.

To get maximum resolution you will need to...
1. Go to home screen.
2. Press on the "?" button.
3. Under resolution, select the max.


Versión 2.7.1

Bug fixes for iOS 12

Valoraciones y reseñas

3.9 de 5
111 valoraciones

111 valoraciones

ArtFreesLife ,


I really enjoy the layout and workflow of this app more than the other layering/masking apps available. It's intuitive and fun to work with. I would love it even more, use it all the time, and give it 5 stars if all the tools worked. The smudge tool and a few of the other tools and features do not save. They look like they're working and the image looks good after hitting "apply", but then they disappear in the saved image and in the flattened image. Frustrating to spend a lot of time getting something just right and then having all that work disappear. I've spent hours trying to figure out what's going on thinking I wasn't doing something in the right order -- watching and reading tutorials and asking people I know who work with the app if they have been able to get certain features to work. Nada. I finally realized that these features just don't work right now and that the app may need an update. I'm very much hoping that this app will be kept "alive". It's really a beauty when all the features work.

arrrrt ,

Should be Included with every iPad!

I'm giving a new review since Leonardo is now os10 savvy and I recently got a iPad mini 4. I mention the two items together because the mini 4 has replaced much older iPads I had and it has a far better camera than the older iPads... but though the camera is quite good, it's still far from perfect. This is where Leonardo comes in. It is the perfect complimentary app to quickly and drastically improve the iPad's photos. It works so perfectly/easily tweaking the iPad images that it could be considered the defacto photo app for this device. The quick results are so impressive that I am getting far better looking images than phones which include superior cameras. If it only had a batch setting, this would be beyond ideal!

Original write up...
'Near Perfect Image App'
Though it lacks a few features which I have to revert to another app to utilize, Leonardo has such a huge assortment of professional image editing options, it has become the final defacto app for completing image edits. Puts Adobe's iPad arsenal to shame.

junnny ,

great application - a little slow on updates/support

This is a great “app” except for the few tools that don’t work and the attending frustrations of those broken tools as perfectly described in a recent review titled “update?” Support seemed to be totally absent as I never heard from the developer over time after trying several times from within his applications. Huge “too bad,” too, since Leonardo is a great “app” that could be ... well... perfect.

Finally got a response today assuring me an update is on the way. When that happens, I believe the application will be very close to a perfect, easy-to-use photo editor.

I use this application daily.


Pankaj Goswami
60.4 MB
Foto y vídeo

Requiere iOS 10.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.





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