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Experience the Library of Babel from the short story by Jorge Luis Borges in 3D.

In the Library of Babel you can find any page of text that can be written down using the combination of the 26 lowercase letters of the English alphabet and the comma, period and space.

Every meaningful and meaningless thought exists in some book on one of the five shelves on one of the four walls in one of the many many hexagonal rooms somewhere deep within the Library of Babel. But for every page of meaningful content, there are also billions and trillions of pages full of "gibberish".

The librarians of this library spend all of their lives reading the books in the search for wisdom. If you meet some of them during your journey through the Library, they will be happy to tell you what they might have already found in some of the books.

To make your life a bit easier, there is a built in search menu that lets you search for whatever text that comes to your mind. (Also, don't tell the librarians about this search machine of yours. They might steal it and throw you over the railing into the endless pit of darkness in the middle of the hexagons.)

This 3D version is inspired by Jonathan Basile's brilliant website
Visit the website if you are interested in the whole idea and don't forget to read the original short story by Borges. This app will make a lot more sense afterwards.

The app lets you look around by moving your phone around as if your were actually inside the library. Or you can turn off this "VR" mode and use the on-screen joystick to move and drag with your finger to look around.

If there are any problems, feel free to contact me.


Version 3.1.0

New librarian model

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

4.3 von 5
35 Bewertungen

35 Bewertungen

AreWeSponsoredBySamsung? ,

Very well done, except one thing

I like this app, it’s very well made, and unlike other reviews say I don’t think the controls are that bad (although I have a lot of experience with mobile controls so that may be why I can use them easily). My complaint is that sometimes in some rooms there is a figure, sometimes seemingly looking at the shelves, and others, at you. I know it is purposeful, and is even featured in the pictures for the app, but there’s something that is really creepy about it. To randomly go into one and see something in an app not meant to be for entertainment, that should be all the same, and there is an eerie figure staring at you just freaks you out. There was once where when I first went into the app it was staring at me at the first hexagon. I know this is irrational, but it greatly affects how I view the app.

Entwickler-Antwort ,

Thank you very much for your honest review!

I don't think this is irrational at all. The librarians are not really supposed to freak you out so if they do, it's definitely a valid issue to be brought up.

I have been wanting to switch out their 3d models for something better for quite a while but just haven't had the time to either find a good existing replacement one or to create one myself.

Would you personally say that you would feel more comfortable if they were not there at all and all rooms would be guaranteed to be empty or would you just liked them to look more like actual people (e.g medieval monks or something similar)? You can find my contact information at in case you have any thoughts on this.

PS: The librarians are always looking at the shelf in front of them. If it seemed like they were looking at you it must have been an illusion (probably caused by the fact that they are completely black and have no texture at all).

a 17 year old intellectual ,

Take it for what it is 🤷🏽‍♂️

I only touched this app like once or twice and so far I’ve had interesting experiences that I am not sure if they’re were meant to be part of the app.
I.e. I saw the librarians that are pointed out in the description of the app, they do share bits of information but at some point they say nothing anymore even if I restart the app..
I also decided to throw myself into the pit multiple times to see if anything happens and upon respawning into the map, I spawn to a Smokey part of the library where a couple floors down, the room was on fire.
And during my adventures, the further down into the library I went, the less the books started working.
And the first and second floor at some point stopped containing books, bookshelves, and was pure wall, and now thinking about it, there were only 5 floors with endless corridors, and if I tried climbing to the next floor, I would look down to the void and noticed that I never changed floors and I was stuck in the same floor.
It felt like it was meant to be some sort of horror in it which kept it suspenseful, but nothing ever happens until you notice a small change and then you realize you’re not experience the app the same way you did when you first entered, yet the rooms are the same.

You’re weird. You’re a weird developer. I’m looking forward to your next project.

StuffAndYes ,

I love this but I half died

Okay I got this recently and it’s so cool and relaxing and fun. I was just wandering the halls lost in the rooms with music in the background when I come face to face with this nightmare. It kind of reminded me of those wights from the Miss Peregrines Peculiar Children book series. Needless to say, not fun. I think it’s supposed to be a librarian but it’s all black and somehow super tall and seems to stare at you. In my rush to try and get away I somehow got myself stuck in something staring at the thing and I couldn’t get out. After I left the app and came back on I was fine though. I still like it but boy I’m going to have nightmares.
Maybe in the next update make them more human with eyes? I don’t really care what but I really hope I don’t find any more. My heart is still beating.

Entwickler-Antwort ,

I'm really sorry about that!
I just swapped out the librarian model for something more fitting and less jarring. Hopefully you can now look forward to finding a librarian in the endless halls of the library.


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