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¡El viaje de Taylor continúa! ¡En medio del vacío aislado del espacio, atrapado en órbita alrededor de un agujero negro extraño, nuestro intrépido astronauta debe alcanzar una vez más una línea de vida - TÚ! Dentro de la nave espacial Veridian, Taylor pensó que era el momento para un poco de bien merecida tranquila soledad y un poco de descanso y relajación, pero un invitado muy inesperado tiene otros planes ...

La historia se desarrolla en tiempo real y cada decisión que tomas forma al curso de la historia. La vida de Taylor, el destino de la humanidad y el tiempo mismo están en tus manos. ¡Sin presión!

• ¡La lucha épica por sobrevivir de Taylor continúa!
• ¡La sexta entrega de la inmensamente popular Serie Verde!
• ¡El autor aclamado y favorito de los fanáticos, Dave Justus, regresa!
• ¡Sumérgete en esta aventura de ciencia ficción con notificaciones de Taylor entregadas a través de tu día.
• Tus decisiones podrían cambiar el curso de la humanidad... ¡y posiblemente del tiempo mismo!

Elogios para Lifeline:

"He jugado muchos juegos que he encontrado absorbentes, pero Lifeline es probablemente uno de los primeros que han cambiado la forma en que pensaba acerca de mi rutina diaria, el cual saltó de la pantalla y se volvió parte de mi experiencia vivida." - Eli Cymet, Gamezebo

"Por unas cuantas horas me importó - realmente me importó - el destino de un personaje completamente ficticio. No creo que ningún otro juego que he jugado me ha hecho sentir eso antes." - Matt Thrower, PocketGamer

Valoraciones y reseñas

4.7 de 5
364 valoraciones

364 valoraciones

Mr Sword ,

I love Taylor!

Probably my favorite out of the 3 games so far in the Green series. The plot was very interesting and engaging and Taylor is such a lovable character, i got a lot more immersed into this game than i did with the others. I loved the touch with the Lonely Astronaut playlist; I listened along to the songs with Taylor and for a moment it really felt like they were a real person, like a friend of mine and we were sharing music with each other. I do wish the game had been longer and the player had more choices. I was really hoping for a feature like the map in the second game to be in this one, so that was a bit disappointing. Hopefully in future games, theyll include something like that, it really made the game feel more real and interesting imo. As emotionally attached as i was to Taylor during this, gameplay wise it didnt feel like there were enough options for the player that really affected the game. Some of the same options came up several times in a row and it really felt like the game was pushing me towards that choice, so some of the choices i made really didnt feel like they were mine. Hopefully the next game will be more interactive and personal and a lot longer. I cant wait for more games in this series and to continue being Taylors lifeline!

Nicolas Cadge 😝 ,

My Opinions

Ok first off if you don't make a fourth one somehow I will personally write you a very angry email😝. JK. But seriously there needs to be more. This was a magnificent story and character. It was so enthralling it kept pulling you in at every turn. But!! It stopped to suddenly. It was like the story literally just threw "Taylor is dead" into your face and ended. What happened to Mari, the occupied marines, and the cargo bays full of occupiers? Did Taylor survive? Will he come back? How can Mari even get out of the pod she has no thrusters and I suspect it would be safe to assume she doesn't l have a SAFER Unit. Please contact me if you are planing on making another one in this storyline. Even if it is not with Taylor(would prefer it be with him), but with Mari and her baby struggling to survive against the occupiers and telling how she got on the ship. Please because I really want to know this is my favorite lifeline series and I would like to know if it has ended or not. You left us uncertain with the ending because of the way ended it. And that is a problem. Because as the Alliance Fleet Admiral Black Jack Geary once said to his subordinates "There is no greater pain than uncertainty and anxiety combined." May your Ancestors be with you. The Lost Fleet is the book series's name.

Zappy0888 ,

Another great Taylor adventure!

Really enjoyed this game. My favorite is still the original as I got into that with no idea of what it was. But this one is great too. Such an ominous feeling while helplessly guiding this poor dude around to safety. Never thought a text game would be so addicting but all of the lifeline series seems to do that. I highly recommend leaving notifications on (not something I normally allow but it's worth it in this game). Only true downside is the length. It's a short game. But the quality is there so I'm giving it 5 stars and have no regrets about spending $3 on the app. And I'll keep buying them as they come out if the quality stays the same.

Only feedback to the developers: when you finish the game the game nonstop asks you to restart it. Since finishing it yesterday I've had probably 15 alerts asking me to restart the story. I can see you notifying people weekly or biweekly but not multiple times a day or even daily. But otherwise it's a great game!


3 Minute Games, LLC
53.5 MB

Requiere iOS 9.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.


Español, Alemán, Chino simplificado, Francés, Inglés, Italiano, Japonés, Ruso



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