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Are you managing a lot of Macs or have a lot of friends who need a remote support? With this application you have a powerfull Screen Sharing and VNC client at your fingertips always sitting in your Mac OS X menu. Connecting to remote screen is always only 2 taps away.

* Light ScreenSharing doesn't occupy place in your Dock to save space and is always available in menu bar on top of your main display

* Quickly open remote screen sessions with any Mac with Screen Sharing enabled, or with any other computer running compatible VNC server

* On OS X 10.7 or newer (10.8, 10.9) simply drag'n'drop files between your desktop and remote desktop to transfer the files between computers

* Multiple displays setup is supported, simply view all displays at once or choose the one you're interested in

* No need to install 3rd party software on your Macs, simply turn on Screen Sharing in System Preferences on remote side

* Automatically discover every Mac with Screen Sharing enabled in your Local Area Network using Bonjour zeroconf technology (no need to know IP address or Port of discovered remote computers)

* Mobile Me and iCloud users can use Back to My Mac feature to connect to remote computers over internet with ease (Remote machines will appear under Bonjour)

* Build a list of favorite remote computers outside your LAN and have them present in connection menu as well

* No need to remember passwords, securely save them for your remote connections in Mac OS X built-in KeyChain

* Optionally Light ScreenSharing can be automatically started when you log on

Screen Sharing features on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, 10.8 Mountain Lion and 10.9 Mavericks:

* Multiple display support on remote side
* Clipboard transfer (or Shared clipboard)
* File transfer by drag and drop
* Fullscreen mode support
* Remote screen capture

Screen Sharing features on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard:

* Multiple display support on remote side
* Clipboard transfer
* Remote screen capture


Verzia 1.2.10

* Greatly reduced energy impact by lowering CPU usage

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Godrifle ,

Doesn’t work in El Capitan

When this app worked, it provided a shortcut to the built-in screen sharing in OS X, and I liked it for that alone. BUT, I’ve updated to El Capitan, and can no longer access Preferences so I can’t add more shortcuts to computers I connect to often. Thus, the software is completely useless. Sad, really.

Require nickname ,


Absolutely blows the socks off JollyFast in terms of speed. No problem with multiple displays.

J5195 ,

Misleading & no support whatsoever! Complete waste of money

I have made multiple attempts to contact the seller/author of the software asking for help (setup, etc). No response! I am a novice user that was looking for a simple screen sharing program between my brother and me. I wanted to help him out from time to time as he lives across town but this is not the program that you want. Like I said, save your money and go somewhere else! Sometimes, you pay for what you get. I may just get Apple's Remote Desktop application which has support and proper help.


Pavel Kanzelsberger
2.8 MB

OS X 10.6 alebo novší, 64-bitový procesor





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