lino is an online stickies service that offers stickies and canvases. You can post, see and peel off stickies on canvases freely. Stickies posted from this iPhone/iPad App can be accessed with PC browsers.

- Take a note right away wherever you are
You can freely post memos, pictures and videos you take with your iPhone, and even files as stickies on a canvas. Stickies posted while you're offline will appear once you're online.

- Take advantage of a multi-touch screen
Zoom in and out a canvas by pinch gesture. Drag a sticky to move it. You can take advantage of a multi-touch screen of your iPhone and iPad.

- Organize your stickies visually
You can move stickies around at any time. Organize your memos and ideas by changing colors of stickies or setting an icon on them.

- Never forget special days or deadlines
Set due dates on your stickies, and you will receive an Email reminder on the morning of the due date. In addition, stickies with due dates can be viewed in Google Calendar or Outlook.

- Make your iPad a photo frame
Layout your pictures and videos of memories on a canvas, and your iPad becomes a photo frame. Once you make the canvas public, you can show the canvas to your friends, your parents and others.

- Share your ideas with texts and pictures
lino is an ideal tool to share your ideas and to have a discussion with your friends and colleagues. You can create or configure a group from PC browsers. With iPhone/iPad App, you can post, see, move and peel off stickies.

lino will become more useful if you use it from PC browsers as well as from iPhone/iPad App. Please visit http://en.linoit.com/.

Co nowego

Wersja 1.8.4

This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate.

What's new in 1.8?
* Add Apple Watch App

Now that you can check today's tasks on your Apple Watch and peel it off when you've completed it.

What's new in 1.8.4
* Fix compatibility issues on iOS 10

Oceny i recenzje

4,1 z 5
Ocen: 7

Ocen: 7

jzamaod ,

Good, but need better instructions

First starting to use the app, I encountered these issues: (1) Cannot locate the method for moving created stickies & (2) After a canvas' background has been changed 'after' the canvas has already been created much earlier, the small thumbnail for that canvas on the all-my-canvas view still remains to be the kind of background that was used when the canvas was first created

Upon a second use of the app, the issues were resolved: (1) To move a sticky, touch it and then drag it by holding onto the lower left corner (on the linoit icon). & (2) Somehow the canvas thumbnail just changed on its own.... However, when I tried to change the background yet again, the change was still not immediately registered on the thumbnail view.

At first, it doesn't appear to be any instructions or help tips for iPhone/iPad app on the company's website. On a third attempt, I finally noticed that there was a tip sticky hidden in the pre-made "Main" board. After which, I went again online to the company's website and discovered that there's a search box at the way bottom of the "Help" page to search and locate the instructions for the app version.... Lots of work for users! Need to do a bit of redesign to be more user-friendly.

More stars will be given as updates occur. Still want to see instant change to the thumbnail. Otherwise, I do like the app. Thank you!

Dancingmobs ,

If you come from using Padlet

This one is good to use. The app and the web are both in sync, writing new notes, just starting to use it but will continue if anything pops up. Lino has proven to be good. 👍
So something to note: I wish the website would become a secure website with the lock on the search bar-not that I will put sensitive info on, it just seems less secure without any safe guard.

Mr. E-man 1964 ,

Just like a bulletin board

I don't know what the other reviewer was doing but the app works very well. I have no problem moving and rotating images. Unlike some other apps, you don't have to pay for photos.

I don't have a huge need for it; so I won't go premium. If you do like using stickies this work and is accessible from your desk/laptop too.

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