Become one with your money.

Liquid is the mobile app to know how much money you’ll have by the end of the month. Spend. Achieve. Be prepared for the future.

Liquid Number

Your real, future situation is the difference between what you have and what you owe. Your bank account balance doesn’t know how much you’ll be receiving, nor what you’ll be spending. But with Liquid, you quickly see where you’ll be at the end of the month.

Rollover Budgets

We all spend and earn different amounts of money month-to-month. Liquid obliterates the uncertainty and stress this causes with roll over. It is ok to go negative; there are no more annoying “overspent” alerts. Smooth-out your spending and get on with life.

True Cost = Time

Wherever you see money within Liquid, you see time. The true cost of your purchases and goals you’re saving for is the hours of work it takes to earn them.

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop transactions on the fly to really touch your money. Liquid's fluid interface makes it easy and fun to take control of your money.

Sync to the Cloud

Sign in to Liquid on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch -- even simultaneously with your spouse or significant other. On the same account, data will be shared across devices and always synced up to date.

Safe and Secure

You create an account with your email address so Liquid can backup your account data and so you can use Liquid on multiple devices. We will never share your personal data with anyone, promise. We use a safe and secure connection and encrypted data storage.

Why use Liquid?

Personal finance success has never been more achievable! Radically sink you debt to zero and fill your emergency fund.

Most people feel helpless when it comes to managing money - so they do nothing at all and are flabbergasted when they’re still in debt and don’t ever have enough money to do the things they want. Most methods are overwhelming spreadsheets that only show you where you’ve been with an overabundance of numbers that you don’t know what to do with.

We hate spreadsheets as much as you do. That's why we designed Liquid specifically for iPhone and iPad. This is the perfect tool for those of us who don’t want to deal with the aggravation of personal finances and don’t like seeing a lot of disparate numbers, but want to get ahead. Take advantage of time-honored money wisdom in an app that becomes a part of your daily life.

Liquid is the way to simplify your money. You just drag and drop and Liquid does all the tortuous work for you. You can see where you’ll be at the end of the month with a single glance.

Change your direction. Start looking through the windshield instead of the rear-view mirror and you’ll be amazed how quickly your personal finances will turn around with this addictive app.

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Designed in Dallas by the Liquid Team

What’s New

Version 2.5

-Bug fixes and performance enhancements

Ratings and Reviews

2.4 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

Grob1011 ,

Didn't get it

I am sure this app is potentially very good but after 30 minutes of trying to figure out how to start, and 30 more minutes searching for a manual of some type unsuccessfully, I deleted it. Disgusted I didn't try before I buy. We are starting a new budget, today with new fresh bank accounts. I could not make sense of how to set it up which means there is NO way my wife would use it. I wish the best for you guys but with no detail instruction and no easy way to write you out of the app... I only feel like you got me. I give up. BTW I own and operate a 7 million dollar business, so it's not like budgets are new to me.

Pilmani ,

It's good but....

I'd highly recommend it if you are single/ have not merged your finances with your partner and are looking to get a better handle on your budget. I really love this app but it is NOT good if you want manage from multiple devices like my husband and I do. They say they're working on it so if they fix this I would give it 5 stars.

Keep reading if you're an individual user to learn why I love this app.

This is not a set it & forget it app as it does not link to your financial accounts. It requires active management but the active management is what helps you learn how to get a better understanding of your real financial situation. It's kind of like Weight Watchers for your wallet.

If you read the instructions & set-up fake buckets to play with first, it will probably take you 20 min to an hour to get the feel for it. I found when I started with all my real details I ended up having to delete and re-do because of mistakes I made as I started using it because I'm not well versed in financials. Learning the app helped me learn how to track my finances. So in that sense it's good for self learning.

Setting up your real buckets depends on how familiar you already are with your budget & spending. If you have an excel file or something else where you've already mapped this out it will be pretty quick to set up. If you've never done that it will take you time to figure out as no app can figure it out for you, and figuring it out for yourself is the whole point.

Once you understand how the app works, delete your fake buckets & create your real ones & you'll love this app as much as I do as it's super easy to use and way better than an excel file. The up front time to learn & set-up is well worth it.

It says it syncs but it doesn't or if it does it's delayed by days. My husband & I tried this app when it first came out years ago & we both loved it in theory and using on our own but the syncing problems were too much since our finances are merged. Recently we tried it again hoping the sync issues were resolved but no such luck. If this were fixed I'd give it 5 stars.

Here's what I like about it:
1) Gives you a view of what your discretionary cash for the month really is.
2) Helps you learn more about money tracking as you learn how to use the app.
3) If you track your spending real time, you become more aware of your spending habits.
4) Very flexible & easy to make work for your personal situation (but it takes some time to learn how to do this)
5) Once you have it all set-up it's super easy to use.
6) You don't link to other on-line financial accounts. Some people find this a downside but personally I don't like the apps that require access to all my financial accounts to update. It just makes me nervous from a security standpoint. This requires you to manually update as you spend & receive money. Fine if you're the only person spending but until the syncing gets fixed it's a hassle to have to track the other person.

The upside of this (if you're using on your own) is you are more aware of what you are spending & whether or not you actually have the extra money to spend, so you will likely spend less & make more conscious decisions about your spending. (I know I do.)

Vivxdesign ,

Liquid is Awesome

I knew my bank account balance wasn't telling me the truth. It didn't know what I was going to spend and so it couldn't tell me where I was going to end up for the month. I felt stressed because I never knew for sure how much money I'd have as a buffer. With Liquid I finally have a clear picture of what my emergency fund will be by the end of the month. I know what is safe to spend and I see how I'm making progress towards my goal of having a few months of living expenses saved up. That... and I love the drag & drop. This is 100x better than lame spreadsheets. EDIT: The update was a welcome addition -- now receiving buckets work great.


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