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4.4 out of 5
10.8K Ratings

10.8K Ratings

Chickenwris ,


You have beautiful wallpapers. I love them all. What I don't like is that they are only live on the lock screen and only if you hold them with your finger ,not on the home screen.!! I am guessing that is an issue with the iPhone not with your wallpapers. Maybe future versions of iphone will have live wallpapers on the home screen as well. I have discovered you can make all of your own photos live wallpaper on the lock screen on iPhone 6

I used to love this app when it was free; now it is a rip off.

lemon_5 ,

Not worth it

Ok so as soon as you get on the app it asks you to sign in to get all of the features I get that because almost every app has that but then if you go to play a different game, and then you go back into this app it asks again if you want to sign in for all the features then after that there are like 3 more ads then you get to look at the wallpapers but if you want to save the wallpapers to use them if you didn’t sign up for the account you have to watch an ad to save the wallpapers then once you finish watching the add and go to settings to change your wallpapers it isn’t even live! This app is a rip off and there are way to many ads, the app doesn’t even give you live wallpapers when the name of the app has Live Wallpapers in it!! Whoever updates this app you need to take away all the ads a ad once in a while is ok not every 5 sec! So I definitely do not recommend this app to anybody who wants live wallpapers try a different app because this one definitely does not work!

HayA16 ,

The live wallpapers don’t work!

I am sorry to any on who loves this app but for me it was horrible. First I have an iPhone 6 so I don’t know if it only works for other models , but it didn’t work for me. I would think that it would work for my model phone , but sadly I couldn’t get it to be live. Second this app was booming with adds. Every minute it would pop up with an add. Even when I was trying to watch the live wallpaper there would be an add. I mean I understand why they have adds they need to gain money but I don’t think you need that many adds. All in all I would not recommend this app just because of how many adds there are. Also if you have an iPhone 6 or other iPhone that has been released before that you can not use this app. I am not sure if it even works with other phones. I gave this app two stars because I don’t know if it does work with other phones but if it does work I need to give it some credit.