The NEW Living Alone 2!
Please raise your Student who lives alone!
Graduate university for future!

More fancy items and houses!
Play with various customizing and cute pets!

From a shabby house to a grand palace!
Only part-time, You can make enormous money!

(This game has greatly reflected the lives of Korean college students.)

Living in a small room, you have to earn a university tuition and living expenses with a very small amount of money!
Please earn money for your brilliant future!!

▶Will you make money by part-time job or raise grades and take scholarships?!
It's time to choose!

▶From small shabby room to luxury palaces!
You can move to the highest grade of residence by part time!

▶Earn money and spend money like a millionaire!!
Collect upgraded furniture and various contents!

▶What will happen after graduate University?
Make your student graduate!

▶What a crazy Living alone life!
Find out 89 Sudden defeat endings!

-After 4 years, you will graduate and find out your future!
-Study hard and earn money!
-Your future is depends on what you learn at University!
-Part time has level! Higher level earns much more money!
-You can move out to next house when you buy all furniture at shop!
-Study hard and get scholarship! It helps your life!
-When touch your pet at home, pet gets points and level up!
-Collect Sudden defeat Endings! It's hard to live alone.T_T
-Buy new costumes and make your own character!
-Message to your lover and live together!


バージョン 1.0.2

-Fix advertising error.





Most honest review

You see, this game is pretty fun playing. It’s basically a life simulator, where you go to university, get a job, keep your stats full, customize your character, move into a house, etc etc. Here are some pros:

- You can basically do whatever you want
- You can choose your path; realistic or not
- Lots of customizable things

There are a few problems however.

-It’s easy to get defeated (if you are reading before you downloaded then keep going), and every time you get defeated then you watch a long, unskipabble ad.
- Your stats bar goes down too fast. Keep your hunger, hygiene, health, and fun up to stay alive. But they go down waaaayy to fast. Seriously, I don’t need to sleep every seventeen seconds

Other than that it’s a really nice game soo


Fun game ruined by too many adverts

I played this game for probably about 1 hour.
The game is enjoyable, managing your “desires” and keeping your character healthy while maximizing your GPA and “desire” threshold was genuinely enjoyable.
Unfortunately, during that time I had >10 advertisements each often being 30 seconds long. The game also has random fail states that you have NO control over that force an ad. The game explains that life being a unpleasant things your way but because you can’t control whether or not your character experiences a fail state which results in you HAVING to view an ad, it feels very unfair.

Deleted due to too many ads


Lots of ads

The game it self is pretty fun. Mechanism is simple to understand after the tutorial. Concept is also interesting. However, what I didn’t like was the random failures. I know it can be random events that happen in ur life and the developer will need income for this free game. But it kind of ruins the play experience with how often it happens, since you have no choice but to watch ads to continue the character’s life. 😂 I would be really nice if there are less of those since technically we will still be watching ad if you do “forbidden work” for that 1 mil. 🤣


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