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With the release of iOS 16, Apple is finally bringing lock screen widgets for your iPhone. Lock Screen Widgets is a powerful app that lets you personalize your lock screen with hundreds of widget templates.

Browse through multiple categories of widgets from the app’s home screen, and install the widgets you like with just a few taps. Installing custom lock screen widgets has never been easier. We have a unique collection of lock screen widgets for categories including time, calendar, weather, stocks, health & fitness, battery, notes and many more. Download the app now and decorate your lock screen like a pro.


• Easy to install with a few taps.

• Huge collection from multiple categories.

• Tutorials and walkthroughs to give you a seamless onboarding experience.

• Active Widgets section to easily scroll through the widgets that you have already installed.

• Unlimited downloads and installations for all the templates.


Apple is bringing always on display support to their 14 Pro lineup this year. Therefore, users who install the app on an iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max with the latest iOS 16 can enjoy the always on widgets on their lock screen.





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الإصدار 1.0.9

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‒ Bug fixes & performance improvements.

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Scott1155 ،

WOW Very Nice!

This app is just what I was looking for. I wanted a battery percent widget with larger numerals that was easy to see at a quick glance. My thanks to the developers for a simple to use app that works well. Job well done!

YourAPPisAPieceofCRAP ،


Other than a few quirks. It’s a really cool app. Only downside is weather is in Celsius only. And I can’t figure out a way to change my location

Cdiaz851 ،

Weather only in Celsius

All the weather widgets are in Celsius and there is currently no way to switch it to Fahrenheit. Other than that, amazing app.

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